Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH achieved a reduction in cycle time with iMachining of up to 80%

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After evaluating the SolidCAM Trial version, Nordwig Werkzeugbau used iMachining to reduce their cycle times by 80%.


As a result of a trial version being installed last year, we sold a complete system SolidCAM 2D/3D + iMachining 2D/3D to Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH, Hamburg (
At that time, Nordwig was working with another CAD/CAM system for more than 5 years. The advantages of their Roeders HSC machine ( could best be demonstrated by using iMachining.
On the first appointment we showed SolidCAM with iMachining on several of the customer's workpieces.
During the second appointment, we installed the trial version which confirmed all the statements concerning the benefits of our software. Working with iMachining on stainless steel e.g. 1.2312 (40CrMnMoS8) without any difficulty, assured the customer to buy our software after having tested it for four weeks.

The customer told us that they achieved a reduction in cycle time with iMachining of up to 80%!

For the demonstration of our software at the company’s site, we used HPC Tools made by Hoffmann:

  • End Mill cutter D 16 mm– 40 mm Advance –iMachining Wizard Level 5
  • End Mill cutter D 12 mm– 30 mm Advance –iMachining Wizard Level 5

Ralf Keiser
Teamleiter Technik Nord
Anwendungstechniker CAD/CAM
SolidCAM GmbH