Australian customer iMachining Success in Aluminum!

  Job Shop

..SolidCAM user can remove 7.7KG of material that they have never cut before in 17 minutes!...simply amazing!

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SolidCAM+iMachining WIN at MoldeMatos, mold making company - against existing CAM system for molds!

  iMachining successes at Customers

..We definitely replaced their existing competitor CAM for molds - we have an agreement for one entire 3 axis seat for MoldeMatos (with iMachining).


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iMachining 3D Preview at AMT magazine in Australia

  iMachining 3D

..iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready-to-run CNC program with optimal cutting conditions, to rough and rest rough a complete 3D part

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SolidCAM and iMachining at Machining Day Hoffmann Group, UK

  Cutting tool Manufacturers and Resellers

...We showed Hoffmann customers that using SolidCAM’s iMachining enables them to cut with maximum efficiency, reduce cycle time by 70% or more, and improve tool-life significantly...

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IST demonstrated the Power of iMachining at Iscar Die & Mold Workshop in Brazil

  Die & Mold

..70 participants from Die & Mold Companies...Everybody was impressed with iMachining Power

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ISCAR & SolidCAM cooperation: successful iMachining benchmark at SolidCAM customer


...excellent iMachining benchmark – saving 72% in cycle time, cutting deep in stainless steel with ISCAR tools..


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