Great exposure to the Aerospace industry for SolidCAM India and iMachining at ADMS summit

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...SolidCAM was invited by SIATI to present iMachining as a vehicle for machining productivity...

After the successful Intec tradeshow, SolidCAM India continued the winning streak and participated in ADMS - Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Summit. The event took place on 24-25 July 2015, at Bangalore, India.

ADMS 2015 is organized by the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries (SIATI) & Aeromag Asia.

Technical presentations made by Machine Tools, Software, and Engineering & Design companies included topics such as new technologies for smart manufacturing, 3D printing, design and testing equipment, new machines and tools, etc.

At ADMS, SolidCAM team met with some of the main decision makers of the Aerospace industry in India amongst them the Minister of Industry & Commerce, SIATI president, and Managing Director of Airbus India.

This summit was a great opportunity for SolidCAM to get a broad exposure to the aerospace industry in India. Mr. Arun Kumar from SolidCAM team gave a presentation on the revolutionary technology of iMachining.

The patented and unique iMachining technology saves 70% and more in machining time and extends cutting tool life dramatically. The unique iMachining Technology Wizard, provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications.

Furthermore, SolidCAM & iMachining Technical Article was published in ADMS 2015 souvenir magazine which is published to more than 350 Aerospace companies.  

This summit helped SolidCAM emphasize its benefits for the Aerospace industry and at the end of it, SolidCAM was invited by SIATI to present iMachining as a vehicle for machining productivity and was also invited by many OEM’s for a discussion to see how iMachining + SolidCAM could benefit their Vendors & suppliers.