Oracle Precision Uses SolidCAM to Power their STAR Swiss CNCs

  Customer feedback

Oracle Precision first became a SolidCAM user back in 2009, when they bought SolidCAM 2.5D and 3D Milling. As the company grew, they added 5-Axis capabilities, and recently added new STAR Swiss-Type CNC's.

Being involved in Aerospace, Medical, MOD, Oil & Gas, and Marine work, Oracle needed evidence that SolidCAM had the power to drive their CNC machines to very high standards at each stage. 

"The Star's a great machine. We've had these now for three to four years. We've never had any issues and the support's amazing. So, putting SolidCAM into this machine - SolidCAM we know, Star we know - putting them together, it's a great package." - Nathan Lloyd | Oracle Precision 

Oracle was very impressed with SolidCAM’s capabilities and is now using it to power their Swiss CNCs. SolidCAM UK has moved with Oracle throughout the years and continues to help them grow with new modules and all relevant training. 

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