SolidCAM soars to new heights at SolidWorks World 2013!

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... Motorcycle artist Christian Travert & Quad Copter builder, FPV Manuals, show how iMachining 2D & 3D brings their creations to life in record time.

Orlando,  FL - February 1, 2013 - SolidCAM Inc., along with partners Christian Travert from Travertson Motorcycles  and Quad Copter Airframe manufacturer FPV Manuals brought CNC manufacturing innovation to life with an unprecedented display at the SolidWorks World 2013 show on Jan 20-23, 2013 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts.

In its 15th year, SolidWorks World is a conference focused on providing SolidWorks users new SolidWorks techniques with more than 200 technical sessions, exposure to complementary technologies, future developments, and networking with partner solution providers, featuring innovative technologies and services designed to improve development processes, increase manufacturing throughput, solve data management issues, and streamline production.

This year the crowd of over 4500 attendees were stunned as they saw the capabilities of SolidCAM's iMachining technology used to create the amazing Travertson "V-REX" Chopper and FPV Manuals Quad Copter displayed on an incredible fully machined metal display. The constant crowd around the display showed that attendees have considerable interest in bringing their own designs to life. Christian Travert was also on hand to explain how he uses old school artistry combined with the latest in manufacturing technology to create some of the finest choppers on the road today. His "Flying Chopper" display attracted designers and engineers from all industries and inspired them to think in terms of doing their own fabrication with SolidWorks and SolidCAM.


Travertson "Flying V-REX Chopper" in SolidCAM's booth


Emil Somekh, founder and CEO of SolidCAM explained, "Our seamless integration in SolidWorks, along with our incredibly powerful iMachining, bring the most powerful tools in the CNC machining Industry directly to the fingertips of SolidWorks users. So our goal was to bring incredible products to the show, demonstrating the power of the SolidWorks+SolidCAM fully integrated CAD/CAM solution. We are grateful to have strong partners like Travertson and FPV Manuals. Christian Travert proved the advantages of using SolidCAM right inside SolidWorks to program his CNC's to life. His Choppers are amazing and his dedication to only use the finest production methods are truly inspiring. For a great talent like Christian to come to this show on our behalf is an incredible experience. His statements about how much iMachining has increased his productivity are extremely appreciated. In terms of showing how iMachining has impacted the fast growing field of Professional Quad Copters, our partnership with FPV Manuals also proved very successful, drawing large crowds to our booth to register to win one of their amazing copters. From the start of the show right up to the very end, people packed the booth, seeing and truly believing, the magic of iMachining". 


Quad Copter Contest Winner


Shaun Mymudes, SolidCAM's Chief Operations Officer participated in a roundtable discussion on the future of CNC machining for the Press. "It was an honor to be on a panel with noted experts in the CAM field. The discussions of the future of CAM as well as the interaction with the Press were truly enlightening to the audience as well as the panel members."   

The SolidCAM booth and Christian's ‘Flying Chopper’ display were manned by experienced SolidCAM sales, technical and demonstration staff and was one of  the busiest sections of the show."We really appreciate the cooperation of SolidWorks and Nth degree, the show's exhibit management, in setting up our displays for this year's show", commented Shaun Mymudes, "and we look forward to bring even more of the CNC machining experience with SolidWorks and SolidCAM to next year's show".




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