SolidCAM USA sets new sales record in Q4 – 2009 and Q1- 2010

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...Q4 and Q1 sales records show that the US market is poised and ready to adopt new tools to gain efficency

We are extremely grateful to our customers in the US and very proud to announce new sales records of 45% growth over the previous year for the fourth quarter and 58% in the first quarter of 2010 in the United States.

Dr. Emil Somekh, founder of SolidCAM explains, “These new sales milestones in the US are extremely significant for several reasons:

  1. The Q4 and Q1 sales records show that the US market is poised and ready to adopt new tools to gain efficency and increase production levels.
  2. It proves that our dedication to service and support has made the impact on customer satisfaction that we intended.

Our records indicate that the main reasons for the sales increase was from word of mouth referrals from existing customers, repeat sales from existing customers and continued subscription plan purchases.

Nearly two years ago, SolidCAM adopted a “no customer left behind” program that included several phases and tactics to ensure our current users would never silently suffer with unresolved issues.

The first phase was personnel.  SolidCAM added Anthony Calderone to manage our customer satisfaction strike team.  Anthony brought over extensive machining experience and most importantly an incredibly high dedication toward customer satisfaction.  “Having been a machine shop manager, I feel the pain of our users firsthand.  This gives me an understanding and motivation to get our users up and running and happy as soon as possible”, explains Anthony.

In this phase, SolidCAM has also brought in several new members to this team, all with over 20 years of machining experience.   “When people call in with issues, they should be able to immediately talk with someone with in-depth field experience to get them back on track as soon as possible.  Our US support team has an incredibly high level of practical knowledge”, explains Dr. Somekh, “and more importantly, they know how to quickly resolve customer challenges.”   Since a large percentage of SolidCAM is sold through US resellers, our dedication toward customer satisfaction includes our support team working very closely with our reseller teams to make sure the same very high level of customer assistance is experienced by all users.

The second phase of the “No Customer Left Behind” program focuses on the “SolidCAM Professor” series of instructional videos on the SolidCAM and InventorCAM websites. There is an urgent need for training material for users that would like to learn at their own pace, do not have time for formal training classes or find themselves with an after-hours challenge.  There are over 100 self-help guided videos that address training issues in a two to three minute, “bite-size” format.  These videos are available to anyone for free and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  “I have turned into somewhat of a celebrity”, muses Sidney Eisner, also known as the “SolidCAM Professor”.  “When I am taking support calls, or doing demonstrations, people often recognize me and comment on how much they like the videos and how the videos have provided them an entirely new way of getting support.  I often hear great stories of how they were bailed out by one of my videos when they had to pull an all-nighter to meet a customer delivery deadline”.

The third and final phase of “no customer left behind” is SolidCAM’s audit program.  SolidCAM has a dedicated team that contacts users to assess their level of satisfaction.  Louisa Rokach, team leader comments, “The best part of my job is talking to someone that for whatever reason has never contacted SolidCAM for support”.  I still find people that are unaware of all the ways they can get assistance”.  I find that even people who are happy and have used SolidCAM for years, can immediately benefit from talking with our support team.  I just let them know about our online e-support system, toll free support line and “SolidCAM Professor” videos.   They always thank me later when I call them back to check on their status.”

“The key to our rapid growth is that we understand that no matter how good our products are, service and support are the keys to customer success and happiness.  Conversely, customer success and happiness are the keys to our success”, Dr Somekh explains.  “Our record setting Q4 is fully attributable to our commitment to our “no customer left behind” program”.