SolidCAM 2017


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SolidCAM & iMachining Getting Started

This Interactive Guide is geared to Jumpstart your basic knowledge of SolidCAM using its 2.5D Milling technologies and get you started with the revolutionary iMachining technology.

Modules Overview: Parts and Recordings

This interactive manual contains getting started examples for iMachining 2D and 3D, 2.5D Milling, High Speed Surface Machining (HSS), High Speed Machining (HSR/HSM), Indexial 4- and 5-Axis Machining, Sim. 5-Axis Machining, Turning and Mill-Turn and Solid Probe for SolidCAM 2017, integrated in SOLIDWORKS.

iMachining Training Course

Comprehensive iMachining Training Course with 2D and 3D exercises.

iMachining What’s New

See the new features of iMachining 2D and 3D in SolidCAM 2017.

iMachining FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about iMachining 2D and 3D.

2.5D Milling Training Course

2.5D Milling training course and all related exercises.

HSR/HSM Machining User Guide

HSS Machining User Guide

5-Axis Simultaneous Milling User Guide

Turning and Mill-Turn Training Course

Turning and Mill-Turn training course with all exercises and machine files.

Machine ID Reference Guide

SOLIDWORKS + SolidCAM EDU Training Course

EDU training course with all exercises and course materials.