Hoffmann Group Technology day with iMachining on April 17 in Frankfurt / Oder

  Cutting tool Manufacturers and Resellers

.. first-hand experience of high-performance tools in action..and iMachining practical demonstration


17th April 2013 in BBW in FRANKFURT/ODER

Dear customers of the Hoffmann Group,

Get the chance to get first-hand experience of high-performance tools in action. There are interesting lectures and practical demonstrations on the following topics:

  • Milling - "let the chips fly with GARANT"
  • Turning - Eco Cooling "Cool solution for hot cutting"
  • iMachining - practical demonstration.

In addition, you will appreciate the experience with other Customers and specialists.


55,000 quality tools. 1,200 consultants. 99.9 % delivery reliability.

Quality tools are our passion – as a trading company with a comprehensive range from worldwide leading suppliers. As a manufacturer who applies his overall competence in the development and testing of his own brands. As a system partner who supports the productivity of his customers from A to Z. And, of course, in service, by which we ensure that you can achieve your aims to the best extent.

This three-fold competence of trade, manufacturing and service has built the Hoffmann Group into Europe's leading system partner for quality tools.
To ensure this, we are certified to ISO 9001 and VDA, approved by the TÜV and available personally on the spot with our own branch offices and the entire product range. Throughout Europe. Pretty much throughout the world. (see our Certificates)
We are listed as preferred supplier for small businesses, medium-sized manufacturers, large industrial companies and world-wide affiliated groups.
What are your benefits as a customer? Maximum supply reliability, the proverbial quality, highest innovation reliability and as a direct result: Productivity, creation of value and efficiency.