iMachining benchmark at SolidCAM customer who machine Electronic products

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...saving 72% in cycle time, cutting deep in stainless steel..

From: David Gontar
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 10:53 PM
To: Emil Somekh
Subject: iMachining benchmark at SolidCAM customer – save 72%, cutting deep in stainless steel..


I visited with Michael one of our customers, that machine Electronics products.

The customer called us because of a broken tools problem while working on a stainless steel part.

We came to the factory and made an iMachining 2D benchmark, cutting deep in Stainless steel part.

CNC Machine: Mitsubishi (FANUC)
Material: 303 Stainless steel
Depth of cut: 24 mm
Tool: End mill, diameter 12 mm, 4 teeth (Iscar)  

Customer cutting time : 7 minutes

iMachining cutting parameters: Wizard level 6 

Cutting time iMachining: 2 minutes. iMachining savings: 72% in cycle time

The programmer and his assistant were very impressed.

We left the program on the machine so that the customer can mill more parts.

I am sure that they will buy the iMachining module.

With regards,
David Gontar