IWI Adds SolidCAM's Swiss-Type Solution


IWI recently added a HANWHA XD32 Swiss-Type CNC which created a difficult programming bottleneck. They bought SolidCAM's Swiss-Type solution to assist in the programming, and are now looking to add more machines due to SolidCAM's ease-of-use and simulation capabilities.

IWI has been a global firearm development company for over 80 years, designing and developing weapons for military agencies, home security and commerce worldwide. IWI's range of products and accessories are deployed at leading global organizations, looking for technological innovation, excellence in production and exceptional performance.  

For many years, IWI has been programming weapon parts using SolidCAM software for all existing and advanced models, including SolidCAM’s iMachining module that created a manufacturing revolution in the milling of steel and other hard materials, of which the parts are made. 

The company has dozens of highly advanced CNC machines for milling up to 5-Axes, vertical and horizontal, as well as Mill-Turn machines incorporating Multi-Spindle and Multi-Turret kinematics. 

Last year IWI added a HANWHA XD32 machine to their production floor. This new Swiss-Type machine generated a difficult programming bottleneck. Over time, the parts became complex and required robust CAM software to support the machine. 

IWI's excellent experience with SolidCAM on all the other machines left no doubt that they needed SolidCAM for the HANWHA machine as well. As soon as the IWI staff learned of SolidCAM’s new Swiss-Type solutions, they sought to purchase the new software to help program the HANWHA CNC. 

SolidCAM’s support team, specializing in Swiss-Type machine programming and post development, performed the implementation of the post, VMID, machine simulation and training. Due to SolidCAM’s support, the IWI staff were quickly able to program independently, to their great satisfaction. 

Today, after several months of productive work, the assimilation of the HANWHA machine into IWI’s process has been very successful. IWI has achieved a large amount time-savings in programming and SETUP of the machine, and they are considering now the purchase of additional Swiss-Type machines thanks to the easy programming, simulation and the shortening of the parts manufacturing time.