Nate Stuart, 034motorsport: "Absolutely loving iMachining, or rather my operator is!"


...he's always impressed how quickly we're chewing new parts thanks to it - it cut our steel times way down, and tool life is way up.. the times are dramatically reduced..

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"Absolutely loving iMachining, or rather my operator is. It cut our steel times way down, and tool life is way up. It's not just a superficial change either, the times are dramatically reduced, and we're really not even pushing it yet."

"Mill turn has also been doing pretty well, I haven't had really any requests from my programmer in quite some time at least." 

"Thanks for the check in, my guys love it here, and I've been steering a shop across the parking lot towards it (SolidCAM) for a while now, he's always impressed how quickly we're chewing new parts out thanks to it"

Nate continues, "We were one of the first customers to use SolidCAM's iMachining when it first came out around two years ago.

iMachining's ability to cut hard materials incredibly fast, has added a completely new dimension to our business

While most other after market part suppliers only use easy to cut aluminum for their parts, we offer parts in a variety of materials from 304 stainless steel to 6061 aluminum, as best suited for the application."  

Without having to buy special heavy duty mills and eating up cutting tools, the increase in productivity and multi-material capability, all using our existing equipment, is a real competitive edge.

iMachining basically gave us an upgraded machine without having to actually buy one.  

In terms of cutting tool life, the savings are dramatic. For example, we went from 4 or 5 tools per flywheel to 4 or 5 flywheels per tool!  Even on Aluminum, it still cuts run times way down.  

With iMachining tool paths, it is typical to experience drops in run times of over 30 minutes for most of our parts, a huge increase in the throughput of our machines that makes us real money.

In fact, the time savings and extended tool life are so great that it was worthwhile for us to go back and redo many of our old CNC programs to implement iMachining." 

Going fast is a way of life for 034 Motorsport. They have shown that by incorporating their passion for speed into all what they do, and selecting powerful tools like SolidCAM and iMachining to bring their speed philosophy right to the shop floor, nothing is going to catch them now! 

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