SolidCAM Asia Pacific Reseller meeting in Bangkok

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...launch the release of SolidCAM 2011 and the revolutionary new technology iMachining...Attendees from 15 countries in Asia Pacific

SolidCAM recently held a reseller meeting in Asia Pacific to launch the release of SolidCAM 2011 and the revolutionary new technology iMachining. 

Attendees from 15 countries in Asia Pacific gathered at the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Bangkok, Thailand to learn more about our newest developments.  All the participants had an active part in learning and seeing what SolidCAM had to offer in this new version. 

SolidCAM 2011 includes an advanced Turning and Mill/Turn options and many more features, as well as the revolutionary new iMachining technology. iMachining brings efficiency to a new level for CAM users - with an optimal toolpath and a Technology Wizard for automatic calculation of cutting conditions.  It’s a Revolution in CNC machining – that saves up to 70% of machining time and increase tool life dramatically! 

It is important for SolidCAM that the resellers not only learn and watch the demonstrations about our latest developments but also be able to practically implement their new knowledge on actual programming and machining.  Therefore at this meeting each reseller was given the chance to practice what they have learned on the field, first by programming and then by machining a part on the advanced CNC machines.  Feedback from this experience was extremely positive on how this advanced new technology is intuitive and easy to use. 

This Reseller meeting was a huge success as each participant witnessed not only impressive live demonstrations of SolidCAM Engineers, but also special successful testing of the new iMachining and 5 axis technologies in University CNC milling centre during the daily live machining held each day at this event.  

This event opened a great opportunity for us to work closely with the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Bangkok, Thailand. Throughout the meeting, the professors of Rajamangala University worked in close cooperation with our staff to learn more about SolidCAM, especially after witnessing the great results during the live machining, they were eager to start using and teaching SolidCAM at their university. 

Throughout the presentations and the live daily cutting, feedback received from participants during this meeting was extremely positive.  A unanimous opinion that SolidCAM 2011 and iMachining is the complete machining solution for all CAM needs.

Eddie Pevzner, SolidCAM Asia Pacific Sales Manager: "Starting with our seamless single-window integration in SolidWorks along with the amazing iMachining technology and all the new advanced features in our newest version SolidCAM 2011, we offer our customers the best CAD/CAM-Solution to meet all of the CAM industry's needs.  I'm sure that this great practical experience will give all SolidCAM Resellers much more confidence while facing all sorts of existing and potential CAM customers."

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Live iMachining Cutting
SolidCAM CEO Dr. Emil Somekh
Tactx Japan - Reseller with best sales results in APAC for 2010
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