Benchmark against Competitor CAM at Hermle - 77% cycle time reduction with iMachining!

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...reduced cycle time to 55 min, thanks to iMachining...customer usually needs more than 4 hours to cut the part


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Subject: Benchmark against Competitor CAM at Hermle - amazing success for SolidCAM with iMachining!
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:42:46 +0200
From: Rainer Herbstreuter SolidCAM GmbH
To: emil somekh <

Hello Emil,

Yesterday I was invited to Hermle to have a benchmark against a Competitor CAM software.

At Tuesday the guy from the Competitor CAM was already there to do exactly the same. They didn’t show me his result from the day before.

So I start to define the CAM part at 9 a clock in the morning and we go to the machine at 1 pm in the afternoon.

Cycle time for the first part was 1 hour 20 min. So the customer was happy.

But we change the part a little and reduced cycle time to 55 min, thanks to iMachining.

Customer was absolutely happy with the result.

Then they told me what happened the day before with the competitor CAM software: after 8 hour programming time, they said to the guy from the competitor CAM that he has to stop because they want to see something on the machine. Part was not finished! After 1 hour 30 min they stopped because the part was damaged and the roughing was not finished.

At the moment customer needs more than 4 hours to cut the part (on old machine)

We can do it I think, if we do some changes again, with iMachining in 45 min.

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