Modern Machine Shop: CAM Benefits Extend Beyond the Tool Path

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This CAM software not only provides an effective tool path strategy, but also takes application-specific variables into account when applying that strategy.

Article From: 9/13/2011 Modern Machine Shop, Matt Danford, Editor

CAM software strategies that define how a tool moves through a part can have a profound impact on machining efficiency. By themselves, however, even the most advanced tool paths don’t account for some of the unique circumstances that dictate how machinists cut parts in real-world manufacturing situations.

That said, why should the role of CAM software stop with the tool path? What if the software could not only generate an effective strategy for tool motion, but also intelligently apply that strategy according to application-specific variables? That’s precisely the idea behind iMachining CAM software from SolidCAM (Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania).

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Users employ the Technology Wizard to define process variables and set the level of machining aggressiveness.