SolidCAM 2010 Service Pack 3 released

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...has important features including enhanced Solid Verification for large parts and various speed enhancements

SolidCAM 2010 SP3 is now released. This Service Pack has some options added, and has important features including enhanced Solid Verification for large parts and various speed enhancements. It can be downloaded from the customer area in the website by customers on valid subscription.

SolidCAM 2010 provides manufacturing customers with a full and powerful suite of CAM software modules for 2.5D and 3D Milling, High-Speed Machining, Multi-sided Indexial 4/5 axes Milling, Simultaneous 5 axes Milling, Turn-Mill up to 7-axes and WireEDM.

A SolidWorks Gold partner for nearly a decade, SolidCAM has been providing the highest level of SolidWorks integration, with seamless single-window integration and full associativity to the SolidWorks design model. SolidCAM 2010 is seamleassly integrated in SolidWorks 2010 and SolidWorks 2011.

SolidCAM 2010 is a very important release and has various major enhancements.

SolidCAM templates, which are being used extensively to automate repetitive CAM programming tasks, are enhanced in SolidCAM 2010. A common geometry for all templates can now be defined and templates can be filtered according to attributes, enabling the user to classify the templates according to operation type.

SolidCAM 2010´s tool table includes now default management for tool feeds and spindle speeds, for different materials and different CNC machines. This enables the manufacturing facility to customize SolidCAM 2010’s tool feeds and spindle speeds for its specific environment.

Important enhancements were introduced in the geometry definition and Drill recognition capabilities. The High-Speed Machining (HSM) module has been further expanded by a new combined strategy for Constant Z and 3D Corner Offset Machining.

The simultaneous 5-axis Machining module has been significantly enhanced in SolidCAM 2010. Besides new sub-operations for Electrode, Cavity, Turbine blade, 4x projection and 3 axis to 5 axis conversion, the new version features an automated 5-axis Drill operation that accelerates the drilling of “Swiss cheese” type of parts. Part makers, who have to drill hundreds of holes from various directions, will benefit significantly by this new feature.

Due to the increasing usage of Multi-tasking CNC machine tools, SolidCAM 2010 has also enhanced considerably the simulation for such kind of machines. SolidCAM 2010 provides a much more detailed simulation of complex Mill-Turn operations, with multiple-turrets and spindles, including collision checking for the tool holders and turning tools, in drum turret and B-axes machines. The post processor development for multi-axes machines has also been significantly simplified.

SolidCAM 2010 supports 64 Bit computing, enabling SolidCAM users to benefit from the large amount of memory available in computers today. The calculation and simulation of large parts is now accelerated using the 64-bit capability.  

Optimized for Windows 7, powered with full 64-bit functionality, multi-core calculation, new Open-GL graphics, this release is a great achievment.

With the powerful new features of SolidCAM 2010, we recommend that every SolidCAM customer be sure to be on valid subscription in order to benefit from the advantages of this latest SolidCAM release.

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