SolidCAM launches iMachining with SolidCAM2011 at a special event in Japan


On July 22, 2011 SolidCAM Japan, in collaboration with the local reseller, Tactx, launched SolidCAM 2011 and iMachining in a special event at the Tactx Gifu Technical Center. Over 70 customers and resellers from the area took part in this special event to learn about the new developments in SolidCAM 2011 and its new cutting edge technology, iMachining.

During this event iMachining took center stage as it was demonstrated in a classroom and on a CNC machine.  During the live cutting on the CNC machine, using cutting material SKD11 hardened to HRC 62, participants were amazed to see how iMachining can perform deeper cutting depths in contrast to conventional machining. In comparison with the conventional cutting conditions recommended by tool-makers, iMachining reduced the machining time by 50%!  Click here to download the movie of this test cut showing the incredible time savings of iMachining. (Please note that the file size is about 800mb)

Mickey Berman, chief scientist of iMachining explains how the idea of iMachining was born: “Mr. Kazuhiro Usui, a top engineer at Tactx, submitted a request for spiral tool-path technology. Upon studying the literature on the subject of high-speed machining technology and its hesitant acceptance by the industry, Dr. Emil Somekh gave the go ahead to make a prototype software module that was developed within three years.  It was then rigorously checked and tested. Impressed by the enthusiastic feedback to the performance of the prototype, Dr. Somekh decided to give the R&D team the green light to go ahead and turn it into a full working product.”

Mickey Berman also explained why iMachining is considered revolutionary. “With iMachining, you pick the model and the geometry, then choose the material and the cutting tool, click the "save and calculate" button, and output the NC data to cut the part. With just five operations any customer, even one unskilled in the technology, can easily create intelligent tool-paths. The tool-path can also be machined faster than any other previous high-speed tool-paths.”

Mickey Berman, iMachining's Chief Scientist, giving his presentation
Mr. Norio Ohta, SolidCAM Japan's Sales Manager, discussing iMachining with attendees
Live Machining at the Tactx Gifu Technical Center