SolidCAM presents enhanced automation tools for moldmakers at the Euromold exhibition


SolidCAM, the leaders in Integrated CAM, will exhibit at the Euromold show in Frankfurt, the World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development. In this year Euromold will focus on “Automation within Moldmaking and Tooling”. Together with its German reseller DPS Software, SolidCAM will demonstrate on 6 seats the highlights of the upcoming version SolidCAM 2010, that increases the efficiency in mold and toolmaking.

SolidCAM 2010 is seamlessly integrated in the 3D CAD system SolidWorks 2010, that is widely used for 3D product and mold design. Through single-window integration, all machining calculations are defined, calculated and verified in the SolidWorks 2010 CAD environment. All geometries used for machining are fully associative with the mold design model. When the geome-try of the mold design is modified, the SolidCAM software enables the user to automatically synchronize all machining operations with the updated geometry. The seamless integration can increase moldmakers´ productivity by more than 40 %.

SolidCAM has further enhanced its “Electrode Solution”, that automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks for electrode extraction, documentation and machining. Electrode makers can now easily and quickly design electrodes utilizing new, advanced surfacing functions. Solid-CAM 2010 identifies burn areas by interactive-automated recognition of bosses and easily extends tangential surfaces to shape the electrode. New options are available for adding extension distance with multiple vertical, angular or tangential extensions. SolidCAM 2010 contains also enhancements for the High-speed Machining (HSM) of electrodes and a new suboperation for the 5-axis Simultaneous Machining of complex electrodes.

The calculation and simulation of large molds will be further accelerated in SolidCAM 2010 due to the support of 64 Bit Computing. SolidCAM 2010 provides an interactive tool path editor that enables toolmakers the manual editing of the tool path for better control.

 The new version features an automated 5-axis Drill operation, that accelerates the drilling of “Swiss cheese” type of parts. Mold makers, that have to drill hundreds of holes from various directions into their part, will benefit significantly by this new feature.

With the new version, SolidCAM will also introduce its new revolutionary cutting technology "iMachining". iMachining includes two cornerstones: Intelligent Morphing Spiral Toolpath for constant contact Machining and a Technology Wizard that drives the toolpath. By producing an optimal combination of toolpaths and cutting conditions, iMachining enables cutting through the material with much higher feed rates and larger cut depths. iMachining results in dramatically higher metal removal rates while prolonging tool life.

Visit SolidCAM at the Euromold show in Frankfurt, Dec 2 to 5,Hall 8, Booth M54