SolidCAM Training in Shanghai

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SolidCAM China in collaboration with Shanghai Vocational Training Center held a seminar on August 8th - 12th, 2011 Launching SolidCAM 2011 and iMachining.

Over 60 attendees from 38 different organizations such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Maritime University, Xiam University of Technology, Qingdao Agricultural University and etc. with in the education sector attended this seminar as well as engineers from industrial companies such as Michelin, Yamada tool and etc., to learn more about the new developments in SolidCAM 2011 & iMachining.

SolidCAM China Technical Manager, Kevin Wang, performed the training and showed the new developments in SolidCAM & the revolutionary new technology iMachining.  All participants were amazed by this new development as they were able to see it live daily on a CNC machining at the University's CNC Milling Center.

iMachining is a brand new high speed milling automatic programming system, which revolutionizes manufacturing in the machining industry by reducing cost and machining time while improving quality. iMachining's expert system approach is its mostly spiral tool-path generation, and the Technology Wizard which dynamically adjusts cutting conditions at every point along the tool-path, iMachining manages to produce CNC programs that enable milling molds and dies directly in hardened steel, while reducing machining time by up to 70%, and increasing tool life by a factor of 3 and more.

Lu ShunJie, SolidCAM China Manager: "These impressive developments are very important for our existing customer base as well as potential customers in China.  We feel great excitement and pride to bring this new technology to the machining industry. With this revolutionary technology, iMachining is the future of machining in China!"

Theoretical Training in Classroom
CNC Machine Technical Center at the Shanghai Vocational Training Center