SolidCAM UK Helps Olympus Engineering Produce Ventilator Parts in the fight against COVID-19


With a shortage of Ventilators in the UK and across the world, Olympus Engineering do their bit with the assistance of SolidCAM to fulfil the shortage.

With the shortage of ventilators many companies turned their attention to assisting in the fight. Such was the case with Olympus Engineering, based in Stoke-on-Trent, switching their production to manufacturing parts for life saving ventilator equipment whilst still delivering their existing products where possible. “We saw an opportunity to use capacity on machines that otherwise would have been left standing idle due to the government shutdowns. Naturally, we want to do anything we can to help” says Head of Offline Programming Tom Pedley.

Speaking about the challenges faced, Tom explains
“The challenge has been to turn around components as quickly as possible, some of which are new designs and have been subject to several revision changes. Having SolidCAM had allowed us to react quickly to those changes.”

Here at SolidCAM UK we strive to assist our customers at all times, none more so than now, asGordon Drysdale, MD of SolidCAM UK quotes, “As soon as we heard one of our customers was trying to produce much needed Ventilators, our immediate response was to offer them any help they needed to aid production.

“Tom says, “SolidCAM have supported us by granting a temporary licence to the more advanced tool path modules we wouldn’t normally use.”

Also, he describes the importance of CAM for their production needs, “We see offline programming as a key ingredient in reducing the time it takes to setup. Our aim is to provide the shop floor with ready to use, collision free and efficient programs. SolidCAM has been a great fit for us with its versatility and reliability.”

Concluding he says, “Olympus would like to thank all our suppliers, customers and staff for their support during this challenging period.”

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