SolidCAM Worldwide Best Reseller-Award to DPS

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The DPS CAM Competence Center in Germany is the most successful SolidCAM reseller worldwide

(April 2011 - kdh) ) With an experience of nearly 30 years in developing CAM Systems and its seamless single-window integration strategy in SolidWorks, started more than 10 years ago, SolidCAM grows step by step to be one of the most successful and leading integrated CAM-solutions worldwide. With more than 15,000 installed seats and a network of more than 120 Resellers in 50 countries, SolidCAM moves on. SolidCAM's biggest market is in Germany, with approximately 2,000 users. The CAM Competence Center of DPS Software GmbH has contributed nicely to this success in Germany.

During a ceremony at SolidCAM GmbH's Headquarters in Schramberg, the German marketing director, Stephan Terhorst, handed over the Award for the most successful Reseller worldwide in 2010 to Jörg Rudig, the manager of the DPS CAM Competence Center and his team of 13 staff.

With 13 subsidiaries and 145 employees, DPS Software GmbH is since many years one of the most rapidly growing, and today one of the biggest, PLM-project partners in Germay, Austria and Switzerland.

One of the important growth engines for the DPS prowess in integrated CAD-, CAE-, CAM-, PDM-, ERP-solutions and related services, is the DPS CAM Competence Center, founded in the year 2000. Since its founding, the DPS CAM competence Center Team has provided an integrated SolidWorks+SolidCAM CAD/CAM solution for more than 1,500 CNC-machines. An important ingredient of this integrated CAD/CAM solution, is the outstanding SolidCAM general postprocessor module - it is highly flexible and can provide perfectly customized G-code for any CNC-controller at the customer site.

Jörg Rudig: „The seamless integration of the CAD and CAM technologies, along the engineering and manufactring process chain, is becoming more and more extremely vital for manufacturing companies. The transformation of CAD data to process optimized NC programs must work perfectly for any available CNC controller. In addition, any technology is always as good as the qualification of its users. We offer, in addition to the CAD/CAM products, customer-oriented training programs. The demand is consistently rising - in consequence we will continue our investment in personnel and infrastructure.“

This DPS growth certainly pleases Stephan Terhorst. SolidCAM also continues its impressive growth path of the last 10 years. „With SolidCAM 2011 and our new in-house development of the revolutionary iMachining technology, our customers once more will significantly improve their competitive position. Whoever invests in SolidCAM now, will be able to benefit from the recovery better than ever.”

SolidCAM GmbH marketing director Stephan Terhorst (left) and Jörg Rudig, manager of the DPS CAM Competence Center, are happy about the constantly growing number of customers using the seamles integration of SolidWorks and SolidCAM