Utmost brilliant and knowledgeable post dev engineer I have com across in my 10+ years experience with SolidCAM.
I am 100% confident any project I have the privilege to put into his hands will be massively successful.
This man puts his heart in his work, and, IT SHOWS!

-Gabriel Fortin

Mr. Jashua was very helpful and informative

problem fixed fast

Kevin was incredibly helpful! He was able to offer solutions to everything I asked and more. This tech support is the gold standard for what everyone should strive to have. Thanks!

knowledgeable, friendly and easy to understand. these are traits that are hard to find in support techs today. Paul Johnson was all of that! Give that man a raise! He solved my problem quickly and effectively. very thorough too. thank you for great support.

The Solid Cam Service Dept. was very Helpful today.

Joshua Shmidt was very helpful and professional. has vast knowledge of computers and very patience.

Hello all

I wanted to take a few minutes to say how great the people at SolidCam have been to work with from answering my questions no matter how simple or complex they are. Daneen Leonard especially helped me out. Great company great customer service overall great people.

Cody has gone above and beyond to help me! Excellent customer service! I can't thank him enough. He's gone out of his and put in extra hours to help me reach a solution to my problems.

Called about part associativity with with external prz files. I got connected with Joshua Schmidt, and he helped me through it. Josh then took the time to teach me about setting up file structures to work with our vault. This will make saving and referencing models so much easier in the future.

Thank you Josh!

Josh was the guy who helped me today. He always goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. In fact, this past Tuesday when Josh was in our plant for a two-day training for myself, I was injured on the job and had to be taken to the hospital. Josh not only helped me during my injury trauma, but he also stuck around and helped program and complete a critical project which included making a fixture. If he had not been willing to do this, our company would have been shut down. So, thanks Josh! And thank you Solidcam for producing team members like Joshua Schmidt.

Joshua Schmidt was very patient and kind to work with. He answered all of my questions and got me up to speed on Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling and twin spindle twin turret turning in only three days.

The folks over at Solid Cam always take of us!

I have been using SolidCam for about a year now. I have not had any official training yet, but find the software very easy to use. The online help and videos are a great source to get started. The KevCam videos seem to cover just about everything. The Imachining has sped up our roughing ops. It is by far the best toolpaths we have gotten out of all the software we have tried. The support is outstanding. Everybody I have talked to has been very nice, knowledgeable, and knows the software inside and out. I would recommend giving SolidCam a try.

Even after being closed out for a week, someone from the team manage to reach me in mere minutes and solve my "critical" issue.
Piece of mind.

Thanks, SolidCam team North America.

Excellent customer service could not be happier.

I have been a user of Solidcam for at least 6 years and the customer support is by far better than any company I have ever dealt with. As a company that has products that require customer support, we have tried to model your customer support because it is second to none. I just recently had to contact Haas customer support and it really made me appreciate you guys and how you taker care of you customers.

Tim just spent over an hour on the phone with us straightening out our install. No one here at our facility was familiar with the install procedure and Tim was gracious enough to walk through the process with our IT guy. Great experience. Thanks Tim.

I called the SolidCAM helpline and my call was answered very quickly. Paul was very helpful in getting me up and running with the software, and even showed me some features that I did not know about. I had a great experience and am excited to show my students all the cool new features to make their ideas come to life!

Paul responded quickly to the ticket request and when he called he was able to walk me thru the "go to meeting" login and share the screen with him to review the part in question. Paul was able to evaluate and give the recommended strategy to set-up and machine the part while also adjusting the settings in my graphic card to run the graphics without crashing when generating tool paths. Paul was pleasant, courteous, and took the time to make sure that I understood the processes rather than just telling me how and then moving on.

In the world today it is difficult at best to find service, let alone good service and Paul exceeded my expectations.
Thank you Paul it was truly a pleasure!