I just talked with Tim M about the trial download I was having trouble installing. He was very helpful and everything appears to be working as it should.

Harry Glover is the best at updating post processors! I get the change fast and what I need.

Tim was super helpful and took me where I needed to be to activate SolidCam. It looks like I need to purchase a license. Thanks again for the help, Tim.

The customer representative I interviewed was very knowledgeable and kind. I had a quick response to my problem

Tech support has been great to deal with, I have had help from the following technicians, Josh, Scott, Steve as well as a few others and I have been extremely impressed with all the knowledge and how quick they are to resolve an issue.

I have 35 years experience machining and programming , used mastercam for 19 years. after 3 years on solid cam i can say solidcam is faster. i have watched tutorials on mastercam and i say to myself , DUDE I WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE WITH THIS ALREADY ON SOLIDCAM. I am a full time programmer and i use solidcam. i really believe being able to verify all operations at once is the most amazing and best feature. i don't know of any other cam software that can verify all ops at once. i always program my parts as many operations as possible with one program.

Always a good experience when I have to use Solidcam Support. very happy with the results.

Excellent service from start to finish.

Had a problem opening up a file, and had Josh help me out. He was very helpful explaining what was wrong, and showed me how to solve my issue. He gave great tips and was enjoyable to talk to!

Ticket was addressed and resolved in a timely manner as to allow the job in the shop to continue without delay.

Tim has excellent approach to resolve the issue, very helpful and very patient. Thank you Tim

Paul was excellent, very fast and helpful. He had no problem understanding what i needed to do, i would happily train with him anytime

Kevin was awesome. Took care of SolidCAM issues I was having and even corrected a SolidWorks issues. Very much appreciated!

The support I've been getting has been excellent. I never feel rushed so that tech support can move on to the next call. I am new to SolidCam and came across the training manuals by accident on the web site. You should really push them more as a place to get your feet wet with the software. Sales etc didn't mention them and when I started online training it's more to just answer my questions. Not lead class experience that I'm use to. Thanks

Great service and fast response time in getting me up and running! Very patient with the concerns I had and implemented them quickly. The SolidCam service team are excellent! Thanks!

Tim was very knowledgeable and solved my issue immediately.

had some questions about the tool kit and cimco editor after upgrading to solidcam 2021

Paul like everyone on your staff is exceptional!!!!! Coming from CamWorks Pro and knowing every new program is challenging to learn, SolidCam's support team has really made our transition much easier then other packages. It's been heads above every other experience I've had because the level of expertise runs through the entire company - programming by machinists for machinists, iMachining toolpaths, POST expertise - (Mutli-channel Integrex), training (Scott) and of course -Support- when you just can't figure it out on your own- you have backup. SolidCAM really is the easy button for CAM, I am a very happy customer!

The SolidCAM support team is a great team to work with. Quick responses and highly efficient in problem solving to get results. Tim Mika has been a great asset helping me whenever I have a problem that needs solving (my go-to-guy). It is really hard to beat good service like that.

Eric Meddleby continues to be a great help.