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Michael Savage | Epic CNC
Paul was excellent, very fast and helpful. He had no problem understanding what i needed to do, i would happily train with him anytime
Jeff Weiler | AW Designs
Kevin was awesome. Took care of SolidCAM issues I was having and even corrected a SolidWorks issues. Very much appreciated!
Scott Stephens | ibss Group
The support I've been getting has been excellent. I never feel rushed so that tech support can move on to the next call.

I am new to SolidCam and came across the training manuals by accident on the web site. You should really push them more as a place to get your feet wet with the software. Sales etc didn't mention them and when I started online training it's more to just answer my questions. Not lead class experience that I'm use to.

Ken Bergstedt | Ojjo Inc.
Great service and fast response time in getting me up and running!
Very patient with the concerns I had and implemented them quickly.
The SolidCam service team are excellent!
Matt LaFever | Alicat Scientific
Tim was very knowledgeable and solved my issue immediately.
Larsen Fleckenstein | makstride
had some questions about the tool kit and cimco editor after upgrading to solidcam 2021
Robert A. March Jr | Standard Metal Industries
Paul like everyone on your staff is exceptional!!!!! Coming from CamWorks Pro and knowing every new program is challenging to learn, SolidCam's support team has really made our transition much easier then other packages. It's been heads above every other experience I've had because the level of expertise runs through the entire company - programming by machinists for machinists, iMachining toolpaths, POST expertise - (Mutli-channel Integrex), training (Scott) and of course -Support- when you just can't figure it out on your own- you have backup. SolidCAM really is the easy button for CAM, I am a very happy customer!
Andrew Dilley | Sherrill Furniture Co.
The SolidCAM support team is a great team to work with. Quick responses and highly efficient in problem solving to get results. Tim Mika has been a great asset helping me whenever I have a problem that needs solving (my go-to-guy). It is really hard to beat good service like that.
Bryce Brethorst | Authority Machining, LLC
Eric Meddleby continues to be a great help.
Ron Cooley | Standardaero
We had recently installed InventorCam 2021 and the licensing had an issue. I sent in the error message and details thru the support channel. I expected to maybe get a reply back in a day or more. I was pleased to see that there is real customer support still out there. Tim Mika got back with me the same day and had a fix that worked.
lee dickerman | optec inc
i'm always impressed with the promptness and completeness of a tech support ticket resolution. keep up the good work guys!
Aaron Kafes | Aerolab
Tim was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, some of the best customer service I've ever received
Peter Huxford | Volunteer Aero space
Support has been amazing! I have had many sessions of needing help and everyone has been very helpful and patient. Josh Schmidt and Scott have been the best of the group. thanks to everyone!
Antonio Heredia | Rocker Industries
No description submitted.
Agee Barooni | OrthAlign

Your prompt response much appreciated.
Aaron La | Paris Precision
Paul Johnson & Josh Schmidt were excellent in helping me out with my Network Licensing issues. They were very detailed and quick to see what needed to be done on their end and what I needed in order to set up the Network Licensing. They helped me identify the server which the Network License was on. I have to say SolidCam technical support is by far the best I've dealt with working in IT. I have not had the same experience with MasterCam, overall I want to say Thank you to SolidCam Technical Support 10/10.
Teri Fitzpatrick | Greg Beeche Logistics
Paul Johnson was great! He was very helpful and install went smoothly!
Tim Rasmussen | Marrtech Mfg
We have been working with support to fix some issues with our Swiss machine. They have been a great help with any questions we've had with some programming issues with it. Also they have been very helpful with post edits and returning edits back in a very timely manner. They are always friendly and happy to help. Thanks
Fixed a lot of confusion and helped out big time......... THANKS!!
Robert Holeman | Shamrock Precision
I just wanted to put it out there how much help Eric Middleby has been in my learning the Solidcam Toolkit. He has been more then helpful and has gone above and beyond what was ask of him. Dealing with support teams can be a difficult and trying at times but Eric has been just the opposite and made the experience a pleasure and very beneficial . Same goes for dealing with Greg Payton while generating our Citizen swiss posts. Thank you Solidcam for your support team.
Kyle Kinghorn | Citius Composites, LLC
Excellent experience! Thanks to Kevin for the help with the install!
Matthew Sandys | ISD 318 Grand Rapids High School (Technology Education Teacher)
SolidCAM has been one of the best things to add to our classes. It integrates into Solidworks allowing students to go from design to programming with a simple click of a tab. So many videos on how to use the software. Customer support has been awesome with handling any issues with me being a teacher and not being my trade.
Ragina Crim | CMG Precision Machining C0., INC.
Everyone at tech support has been super helpful!
Jeff Sprague | Precast By Design, Inc
Excellant help,
Boris Shvab | Consolidated Technologies
Great experience. Great service. Real Pro.
George Brunner | Nuformex
Great knowledgable service as always.
Brandon Jordan | Mahr Fabrication
Needed help with a couple of post issues and also tool path issues. The Support I received today was extremely helpful. In my prior experiences with other CAM Software such as GibbsCam and MasterCam, Solidworks Customer Support is on another level. All of my issues were handled in a timely manner. Will definitely reach out if I have any other issues in the future.
Duane Drake | Amazon
I have been using SolidCam for 7 years now and I can say without a doubt that SolidCam has the best support techs in the world. I have never had a problem that they could or didn't fix in a 24 hour period. I all most all the cases I opened a tech contacted me with in the hour.
Keep up the good work!
Duane Drake
Jared Vanatta | Embry Riddle University - Prescott
Kevin called back in minutes and helped me recover the majority of my self-inflicted loss of work.
Tim Duquette | Kellogg's Rsearch Labs
No description submitted.
Ryan Steffey | Performance Machining Inc.
Excellent customer service, out of all of my subscriptions Solicam customer service has been by far the best. Please keep up the great support! As always your help is much appreciated.

Scott Sundin | Altec Industries
Tim reached out to me within 5 minutes of submitting a helpdesk ticket. As he assisted me in resolving my issue, he also provided background information of what is occurring during each step of the resolution. He was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. If there are any other future issues, I hope Tim is available to assist me.
Bruce Purdom | epic cnc
Paul went above and beyond my expectations. My meeting with Paul was very helpful and very appreciated!!! +++++
John Carlson | west Coast Surgical
Paul was very knowledgeable and willing to get the problems solved. I can now get back to programming!
Matt Gundry | Wolf Tooth Components
Paul's help and tips with the new SP4 release was greatly appreciated. A+
Blake Cagle | Cagle Machine LLC
Excellent. Paul is always my go to guy. Very knowledgeable and very patient when dealing with customers.
Alex Morales | Worcester Gears & Racks / Swiss Precision
Great customer service, always there to help me out. 10/10
Mike Sillman | Smith Titanium
I had a 5 axis profile that required machining after having been prototyped earlier in the year. There were a few changes to the geometry that made the original tool path that SolidCAM support technicians helped me with obsolete and unusable. After a couple unsuccessful attempts to edit and then create new toolpath, I put in a support ticket as nothing I seemed to be dong would prevent the tool path from contacting the workpiece or work holding device in places it was not supposed to. After a few email exchanges and some trial and error based on their suggestions, the support team was able to come up with a solution that solved both my collision concerns and part profile geometry concerns. I am very satisfied with both their level of professionalism and desire to work with me in order to get the problem resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction meaning they didn't just put a band aid on a problem in order to check off another closed support ticket like I have seen with a couple unmentionable companies I have dealt with in the past. 5 Axis is not new to me but I am by no means an expert so with that said, sometimes it is REALLY nice to have skilled professionals in your corner to bounce ideas off of or ask questions to, even ones I think I knew the answers to but wanted a fellow professional's opinion on.
This is the second time I have used SolidCAM's technical support service and have been very satisfied both times.
Art Hobbs | Yamazen, Texas
Tim was Great, he fixed my licence issue in a few minutes.
We were having issues transfering and /or installing the new
license on Solidcam 2021. He went through it and had us going in a
matter of minutes. Always Excellant Service From All Of The
Solidcam Team!
Ron Cantrell | University of Delaware
Requested assistance downloading and set up of Solid Cam. Tim contacted me and effortlessly walked me through for start to finish. Very courteous and friendly experience. Thanks
Venkat Soma | Advance Machines LTD
No description submitted.
Nathan Bode | Allied Group
Support was excellent.
Michael Dutra | hubzone manufacturing
The service is always top notch. Service is always quick and professional and most of all helpful. I would give 100 stars if possible
Maxime B | Hydrep
Fast and precise help
Ben Confer | B&J Inc.
Called for the first time late on a Friday and talked with Scott Neill, he was warm and welcoming, made me feel comfortable, took control and answered all my questions!
Matthew Lagana | Ferra Designs
No description submitted.
Gregg Thibodeau | Mitchell Technical College
I have been working with Solid Cam for 8 years teaching at A tech School. Solid Cam and there customer service is above any other Cam provider i have ever dealt with. Always ready two help. If you are in Business wanting to speed up your production, stop looking. Solid Cam and it's i machining software are a step above all others. You won't find a better company to work with on fine tuning your post processors etc.. There are numerous videos on line to help learn different tool paths or you can join Solid Cam trainings as well. I recommend to get on the mailing list for live webinars as well.
Tim White | West Georgia Technical College
Software install. Great reply time . Very helpful with my install.
Marshall Cochrane | McAllister technical services
All positive! Good service
Kory Anderson | Anderson Industries LLC
Tim was very fast at responding and effective finding a solution. Also, offered further ideas to enhance our experience. A pleasure to work with!
Brandon Frank | CTech Manufacturing
Scott did an excellent job of exposing some great features on our Solidcam software. This will substantially cut down on programming time.

Thanks Scott!
Cornel Uys | Axian Technology
I've had SolidCAM for about a year now, but only started heavily using it for our Swiss Lathes a couple months ago. We're doing a big push to get all of our Swiss machines using direct CAM output, and the SolidCAM support/post teams have been really helpful in making that happen. When we first got the post, it definitely needed a bit of work to get it perfect. After the update to SolidCAM 2021, the toolkit function made it much easier (or rather, made it possible), to add in all the weird attachments and tools that you regularly see in Swiss machines. This function also needed some feedback to get it running, but the support staff at SolidCAM has been excellent in helping me through it. They are responsive and knowledgeable, and with their help, we now have a complex part running on a Citizen L20 with no code editing done after it comes out of the post. This took a lot of work by the post team as I'm a little picky with how the code comes out, but they've always worked with me in a very time efficient way to get my changes made. All in all, couldn't be happier with my experience working with them!
Michael Gibson | Sceherer Inc
No description submitted.
Bryan Straw | In The Ditch
Tim contacted my by phone once he took ownership of the ticket. He was able to quickly diagnose the cause of the issue. He was able to resolve the issue quickly as well.
Christopher Moers | Rutherford Manufacturing Group - RMG
One of Rutherford Manufacturing Group's core values is to use technology to drive innovation and efficiency. RMG believes that SolidCAM does that for us by giving the ability to build a CAM file inside of SolidWorks assembly files. This allows us to be more competitive and accurate with quoting business. File management is very simple with a built in compressed file inside of SolidWorks. RMG realized this led to fewer mistakes with outdated information getting used instead of current revisions. RMG also strives for an elite level of professionalism and feel that the good people at SolidCAM help support that goal. Special Thanks to Cody M. for going beyond the call of duty to help our business. He worked quickly to get the necessary software for us to get our machines running. RMG would highly recommend SolidCAM and look forward to their new innovations.
Anil Kircaliali | Orbital Composites
Mark was incredibly helpful and to the point. He has also made sure to share additional relevant info that will definitely help in the future with different projects.
Axel VanBriesen | New Precision Technology, Inc.
It was one of those situations where the problem was actually with Solidworks (a licensing issue). And yet Tim handled it very quickly and well. I was back up and running less than 30 minutes after submitting a support ticket on the SolidCAM website.
Chris Graham | KNF
I've been too multiple training courses for work and the Solidcam training course has been the one that I've gained the most from. Not only is Solidcam the best cam software that I've encountered but the instructor was good at making sure I had the knowledge that I would need to be able to use the software for my needs.
Brian Achuff | KNF Neuberger
Very informative. Kevin did a fantastic job teaching the software and answering any questions I had. And I feel very confident in getting any future questions answered.
Patrick McMahan | KNF Neuberger
My team and I trained with Kevin R. for three days at SolidCAM's Newtown, PA facility. Wow, is this software fantastic. It is the most user friendly programming software I've ever used. Kevin was able to turn us into functional programmers in minimum time! Highly recommend not only the software, but the training as well!
Mike Sillman | Smith Precision Products
The software has been relatively easy to learn once I was able to make a serious effort to take time to sit down and work through an entire project and not do it piece meal as I had been attempting. I tried the piece meal approach at first as I am responsible to program and set up 8 CNC machines which leaves little time to sit and spend any length of time flushing out the interface and getting a project done. That didn't go very well. This led to all sorts of potentially momentum killing interface and software questions which then led to emails, phone calls and eventually gotomeeting events with their support team. Let me say that ALL of my interactions with the SolidCAM staff so far have been VERY satisfying. Not only was the staff able to answer my questions or solve my issues every time I contacted them, they did so with a great attitude and an amazing degree of knowledge regarding their product. All of the support members that I have contacted were either machinists and/or programmers and have a very well established knowledge base. Thanks to some positive, constructive coaching from team members such as Scott Neill who is a steely eyed missle man and regular check ins with an above and beyond the sale, salesman in Steve Welch, I know that our team has made the right choice in selecting SolidCAM as our go to CAM solution. I definitely recommend the software to anyone wanting seriously powerful CAM software which will increase your equipment and team's productivity.
Just to be clear, I was not paid or compensated for this review in any way.
James Mckinney | DME
TEC. Support is great answered all my question THANKS!!!
Peter Zielinski | Intex Millwork Solutions
Tim was very responsive in helping me individually manage the SolidCAM licensing on my machine as well as finding and resolving issues with our network license.
Tim helped us with our issue and showed us a few other things we were doing wrong.
Thanks for the help!
Dustin Martin | Royal Plastics
Paul has been excellent to work with on our updates. His knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and most helpful. He is very literate and easy to understand. Keep up the great work!
Michael Seider | R.E. Dye Mfg.
Great service and very educational!
Ed Pearsall | DEKA
This was another very timely response with the requested post change. We tested it and it was done correctly.
Benjamin Lonsert | PPE
Amazing service. Awesome product. I reached out for help and within minutes I was talking to a rep. Perfect.
Randy Knight | Knight Design LLC
The SolidCAM crew is the best in the business. Of all the Cam software I have owned, this is far and above all others. The support is top notch. They constantly tell you to "Just call us" if you are stuck, or have a question. Others make you submit a ticket, and they will get back to you. SolidCAM answers the phone !
The software is both simple, yet very deep on many levels. I run 5 axis mills, and 8 Axis Mill-Turns, and it's amazing what SolidCam lets you do to get efficient toolpaths. I always enjoy working with them on a Web Meeting. From Post writing to Toolpath, SolidCAM is the best !
paul has done a wonderful job instructing us on the use of solidcam. the way that paul has outlined his instruction is perfectly laid out in just the manner that i needed to be able to learn this software. paul 's instruction has probably been some of the best i have ever received on software. A+ paul
thanks so much
Brian Lesniak | Primary Flow Signal
Paul was great teacher and very easy to work with.
Christopher McInturff | Army Research Laboratory
Out of the 4 CAM systems I have used, SolidCAM is the best by far. Very user friendly, intuitive with great tool paths. Would recommend to anyone.
John Caban | Columbia University
As always working with Kevin Rankl is smooth sailing, got me up and running in no time. Can't wait to start making parts!
Dan Hebling | Scheerer Bearing
This class was extremly informative and helpful. I will continue to use your support line as well. Paul was very experienced in his solid cam as well as machining practice.

thank you
Kevin Bradley | Scheerer Bearing
Virtual training was good with Paul. Definitely needs to be a few more days. Maybe 5 days instead of 3.
Jacob McHale | Scheerer Bearing
very helpful and informative. The go to meeting and auto desk format was great.
Paul was a very informative teacher.
Matt Wood | Mine Cable Services
I'm just learning Solidcam. I have tons of cam experience, mostly Gibbs. Mark helped me today to figure out how to chamfer my part. He also let me know I have some training hours I can take advantage. He was the third person I've talked to since I installed the demo on my personal computer. Today was the first day at the new position. Everyone I've dealt with has been great. I've gone from a little skeptical, to fully on board and excited to use Solidcam. The program seems extremely capable, the learning content available online is endless. Top that off with the best support I've ever seen, I'm pretty impressed so far.
Chad Dillaman | Dillaman Mold & Mfg.
I had a computer issue and had to reload Windows on my workstation which required a new license. Kevin was quick to fix the problem and very informative.
Peter Szilagyi | EDM Technologies
very helpful
Matt Mueller | Maritech Machine
I spoke with Paul, and ill tell you he definitely went above and beyond. Not only did he precisely explain what I was doing wrong, and how to fix the user error I was having he also gave examples for other problems or issues for the task that I may run into in the future. very helpful 5 stars!
Jon Thee | Altec
We learned lots of good info and was patient with us.
Kurtis Schuettenhelm Jr | TSCO Racing
I have used Mastercam, Surfcam, Edgecam, One cnc, Fusion360 and Solidcam. They definitely all have their strengths. That being said, I have been using SolidCam for 6 or 7 years now. Its a very powerful cam software and very user friendly. I am mostly self taught but I have called in to SolidCam support for numerous things and they have always been very eager to help find the solution. I called in today and Paul Johnson was on the support line and was incredibly helpful. He showed me afew new features, solved my issues while walking me through the process step by step. The whole solidcam team is very responsive and helpful
Omkar Lakhan Lakhan | Leeds Precision Instruments Inc.
As always, it was a great experience getting the help I needed.
Thanks Kevin for providing answers to my concerns.
Michael Westling | Westling Design Co.
The support team from sales to software support to post-processor support has been excellent. Always knowledgeable and happy to help. SolidCAM also has a lot of great online resources to learn how to better utilize all of the available tools in the software and come out with more content on a regular basis. All the videos are well done and useful whether you're just learning the software or looking to become an expert on a particular feature of it.
Kalen Houston | Altium Sparta, TN
Love your all tech help guys they are the best. I have been using Solid cam for 6+years . There is not a better Cam software or support Crew out there. Thanks yall!!
Cory Stephenson | Fortus technologies
Solidcam team is always willing to help fix the problems i am having.
Kyle White | Miller Metal Fabrication Inc.
The technician was extremely informative and very helpful.
Tim Marks | EcoTech Marine
Very detailed and considerate explanation of all of my questions. Patient and respectful.
Tyler Jacobsen | Azimuth Inc.
Paul Johnson was Awesome, he helped me step by step and knew exactly what to do to fix my issues.

He also helped me optimize my graphics card settings for the solidcam software, It runs a lot better.

A++++ give this guy a bonus!!! Thanks!!
Andy Klotz | Archfitters
Tim has been super helpful with assisting me with some licensing issues I was having. He understood the problem and was able to provide me with a quick-fix solution as well as the permanent solution and also the information I will need for my future solution. Fingers crossed I won't need support again soon, but if/when I do, I would look forward to working with Tim again!
Jeremy Braun | KMJ2, Inc
Kevin is awesome at helping me understand how to utilize the software to work for my projects!
Brian Mugavero | National Manufacturing
SolidCAM's seamless integration into Solidworks makes it a very intuitive CAD/CAM system. Coupled with SolidCAM's excellent, and responsive, customer service, this software package is both easy to use and very powerful. The iMachining system in SolidCAM is outstanding and delivers everything that is promised.
Gerald Oberholtzer | G & D Chair LLC
Tim was a great help every step of the way with getting Solidworks and SolidCam installed properly.
Br yan Rozmarynowski | Penz Products Inc.
Paul helped setting up some custom toolholders that are really going to help.
Brian Epps | Select Frames, Inc.
Every time I need Scott, he takes care of my issue without hesitation and he always has the answer!
Duncan Lewis | Halcyon MFG Inc.
SolidCAM so far has been not only the easiest learning curve, but one of the most powerful pieces of CAM software I've used. Could I do all of the same things in other software? Yes, but not as easy and the fact that in under six months I can do more in SolidCAM than anything else, that's saying a lot since I come from some big players like MasterCAM, GibbsCAM, and fusion. There's so many things that are just done right and one of them is the way support is handled. Being able to watch a youtube video on any subject you can think of, and then having the instructors email is the most powerfull tool when you need to learn a crucial piece of software to make your company money.
David Miller | AW Designs, Inc
We had a visual C++ issue that crashed our software. Tim was incredibly helpful, thorough and on top of what needed to happen in order to get us going again. Also help us uncover some preexisting issues, and now we have even more functionality. Win win all around!
Jason Shupp | Lynar Corporation
Mark’s patience matched his knowledge, I’m glad to have product with outstanding support.
Steven Pasternak | Champion Aerospace
Fantastic experience. I feel 1000x more comfortable with this software than I did 2 hours ago. Great job!
Daniel Gerry | PDS & CNC Machining
Excellent service. I'm transferring from Mastercam to SolidCAM and have needed help to keep our projects moving. I have been able to call when ever I need help and have been encouraged to continue requesting support whenever needed.
Thank you much!!!
scott wallace | Telcon LLC
SolidCAM support is second to none. Someone is always just a phone call away. Support staff is patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable about the software.
Jeff Elsner | Sierra Nevada Corporation
Tim and the rest of the support team has been an instrumental part of the success of what we are trying to do and SNC. There were a lot of post updates, and programming questions. SolidCam university is also a very nice feature that I hope you guys continue.
We really want SolidCam to be a key asset to SNC's ability to vertically integrate the manufacturing process as we move forward.
Ralph Stoevener | Dvorak Instruments
New user to Solidcam. The support team is beyond amazing! I have had enough experience with other products to know that Solidcam support is the result of an exceptional commitment by the company to make absolutely sure their product is a success for the end user. The experience of the technicians is incredible, their availability is superb, and their patience is a blessing. Can not overstate how valuable the support team is!
Allen DiAlberto | Greg Beeche Logistics LLC
Needed help moving our network server license to a new server and reconnecting to the new license server after upgrading to Inventor 2021. Kevin was absolutely great. He worked thru everything remotely and got us up and running very quickly. Really appreciate his help.
Todd Ostrue | Ameritek international
Great very informative,
concise and professional
Stevie Baskett | Lenity Technology, Inc.
Tim was very patient and helpful. He was great to work with and helped find a solution for our problem.
Pierre Paradis | MDM Précision
Voilà maintenant 1 an que nous sommes avec Solidcam, entre autres pour la programmation de notre tour 5 axes DMG - DMU 85FD monoBLOCK. Pour avoir travaillé avec plusieurs systèmes CAM dans ma carrière, je peux honnêtement vous affirmer que celui-ci est de loin mon favori de tous. Ce logiciel supporte intégralement toutes les fonctions possibles sur nos machines. Leur module i-machinnig est vraiment facile et performant. Le service et la formation est tout simplement impeccable et on trouve énormément d'information ou des webinaires pour progresser rapidement dans l'apprentissage du système. Les post-processeurs sont corrigés dans des délais que je n'ai jamais vus chez un compétiteur. Je recommande Solidcam sans hésiter !!!!
Maurice Staples | R2C Inc
No description submitted.
Derek Warren | -
I have used other Cam products in the past but the customer service of SolidCam really sets them apart. Top notch support and genuine people. If you are on the fence about what Cam software to go with let this be the tipping point!
Brian Andrus | Flex-O-Lators
Very fast responses, and very patient. Solved my problem by the second email (before I had even replied to the first).
Gabriel Fortin | Fabrication RY
Simple problem required a simple solution.
Which was provided fast and efficiently.
Kevin Kamrar | UC Merced
Tim Mika was very prompt and super friendly. We worked together to quickly resolve the problem I was having. I am impressed with the service I have received from everyone at SolidCAM.
Keith Blackburn | University California Merced
My experience with Kevin Rankl this morning was amazing. He helped me on ever question I had and went even further to fix issues with my software and computer. Very friendly and easy to talk with. Great job
Danny Mclennan | Ardisam inc.
Knowledgeable, accurate and beyond a pleasure to work with.
Joshua Hill | Hill Precision Tool
Fast, Easy and Simple
Richard McCullough | Triangle Aviation Solutions
mark was excellent in showing the software and I-Machining
jason martini | Intricate
great experience, in fact so good that we've been running this machine with very little knowledge of solidcam.
Fred LaValley | Altec Industries
Kevin Rankl is super helpful and took the time to review my program. Also enjoy his teaching style on SolidCAM's YouTube channel. Every experience with SolidCAM so has been positive and this is one of the reasons Altec chose SolidCAM.
Wade Moore | Moore Engineering
Kevin got me squared away so fast. Was having issues after downloading SolidCAM 2020. He reinstalled correctly for me and optimized my graphics card. You guys really do the best for customer support. I need to help out more with our partnership!
Earl Trindle |
We were upgrading to SolidWorks2020 and SolidCam2020 over the weekend and ran into issues with both software programs. It being the weekend, SolidWorks did not replay to our PDM support issues. But we did figure it out after a while, them had a different issue with SolidCam needing a new license for 2020. I sent in a ticket but did not expect a replay during the weekend. But to my surprise we received our new license and were up and running the same day. Thank you for your support SolidCam.
Pete Berg | Calumet Machine
As usual the issue i was having was solved quickly and professionally. 5 minutes or less is usually all it takes to get the problem solved and on my way. Or, i could have spent a couple hours trying to figure it out on my own.
Erik Bauer | Busch Bros Machining
Paul was great! He was able to answer all of my questions and get our software up and running again. Paul was very professional and it was great working with him while sorting through the issues I was having.
Robert McMillan | Vibra-Flight Systems
I worked with Paul Johnson to install InventorCam 2020. I was having an error occur during the install. Paul was able to work with me to find the problem and get the software downloaded. I really appreciate the help.
Dan Fifer | Lane4 Precision
Paul was very efficient and extremely helpful. And friendly to boot. He went over the top answering my immediate questions and set me up for success in the future.
David Reuman | DEKA Research & Development
Powerful program. Jake and I are just getting started, but i think SolidCAM has what we need.
Renee Novak | Royal Plastics, Inc.
Tim was a great help - he took the time to attach a link to the install guide. He also took the time to screen shot a picture of the install process which helped me through an update that I was doing. I do not have a background in computers, and this was very helpful and I appreciated that he took the extra time to do this for me.
Bill Worthington | Signify Lightining (Hadco Lighting)
An absolute outstanding call. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Very respectful and courteous. Thoroughly explained all responses and was an absolute pleasure. I am learning SolidCAM on the fly, and the techs are fantastic.

Thank you for all of the information and tutelage.
Bill Worthington
Manufacturing Manager
Signify Lighting
Roger Rowe | Null Aerospcae
Kevin was prompt and friendly in responding to my request for help with a 30 day license. I could not have asked for better service. He fully addressed my issue.
Jake Urman | DEKA R&D
I have been using SolidCAM in a very limited capacity for a few years on an in-house made 2.5-axis CNC machine. Our company recently (Feb, 2020) upgraded us big-time to a 5-axis Thermwood router, and at first I was a bit intimidated to program it. Since we've been working from home for the past month or so I have been digging deeper into the wide range of resources you all have made available to us in these uncertain times. I recently earned my CSCA and plan on working on my CSCP going forward.
In addition to the training materials you have offered up I have found the live webinars very helpful. I have been a regular attendee of the daily SolidCAM Live webinars with Mark and Kevin and they have really helped me understand the program at a much deeper level and offered up a forum that makes me feel comfortable asking all types questions, no question is too basic. I have had all my questions answered, and learned some really neat stuff along the way, which I will definitely be adding to CAM programming toolbox. The amount of different things I have learned from attending these is too long to list. I find this service highly valuable!
I have also been attending Kevin's KevCAM night school webinars on Tuesdays, and now I know what I've been missing out on! He has gone over a lot of cool new featues for the lastest update of SolidCAM. I have learned a lot of interesting things about iMachining, and the new simulator recently which I have been able to put right to use! I also have been spending a fair amount of time on the SolidCAM University YouTube page to watch past episodes. These old episodes are highly valuable to me as well, as I can watch videos on specific topics to see if I can find answers to my questions, and if not Kevin and Mark are quick to address the questions either in the SolidCAM Live, or KevCAM webinars.
I have even attended a few webinars that have been conducted from various other locaions around the globe! I think it is very interesting to hear similar topics covered by people with different perspectives, and who serve different industries!
All in all, I'm glad my company has chosen you all as our CAM package provider! From my experience working with you I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anyone looking for a great CAM program with top notch customer service! Keep up the great work!
Dan Donovan | R2C
Mark was very helpful. He took all the time I needed answered all my questions. Looking forward to doing business with Solid Cam for A long time.
Daniel Esaian | Arsenal Inc
Daniel Bradley | Proto-Cam, Inc
Great, Paul cleared my problem and taught me how to solve this problem the next time
Chris Shafer | Duotech Services
Great experience and support! Above and beyond. Tim Mika does a fantastic job and is always ready to help and wont give up. Need more people like him and he needs a raise for sure
Jon Osborne | Extreme Industrial Coatings, LLC
Mark is an excellent SolidCam coach. I just completed my first one-hour session with him, and I'm very pleased. He walked me through basic rotary fourth axis setup in a clear, logical manner. He was very helpful in more deeply explaining basic functions. By the end of the one-hour session, I felt much more comfortable with several basic SolidCam skills. I'm looking forward to our next session.
Daniel Matei | Metal Machining Technology
Very satisfied wit the customer service provided.
Mr. Tim Mika always helped me when I needed and guided me either over the phone or conference call.

If there is someone deserving of a bonus, Mr Tim is it.

Thank you for all your help.
Dana Stark | DEKA R&D
Solidcam is part of my everyday routine with programming. It makes my life easier and fun with all the different ways of using the software.
Justin Talbot | MDC Vacuum
Good software. I have little experience programming from software. Most of my programming was done at the machine. KevCam classes on YouTube made it easy to learn. Solidworks integration is a bonus. Customer service is eager to help though the issues I've run into. Biggest downside I've seen is that the software can be buggy.
Ryan Peil | Avvid Corp.
I had questions about how to organize the CAM tree and that I'd been pushing through for way to long. After a quick call with Kevin it turned out that wasn't my issue at all. Kevin was patient and listened to my problems and helped get to the root of the problem. I always feel bad for bugging people but he stressed that any questions or problems big or small he's there to help. Great customer service.
Tom McMahon | Great Northern Arms, LLC
Kevin was amazing. Stayed on the problem until it was resolved. Looped Syd in from Isreal in the middle of the night which was above and beyond. Kevin is a solidcam ninja!!
Zak Zenz-Olson | ZO Engineering
Very responsive and helpful... Always great service.. Thank you SolidCAM team!! It is very much appreciated..
Thomas Hosford | Hosford & Co.
I've been running SolidCAM for 7 years or so. It's nice having a powerful program that's also exceedingly easy to use. The best part is that if I have any questions on programming, features or best practices I can start off by looking on youtube at the KevCAM channel before calling in for tech support. It saves me time on simple questions that I'm sure I know the answer to but just want confirmation on as well how to approach more complicated set ups that I haven't done before. I have a simultaneous 4th job coming up and while I've never run a simultaneous 4th operation before I have seen the video and I plan on going back and reviewing that night class be for I get started. All in all SolidCAM has made my job shop shockingly capable while being quick and straight forward to use.
kevin steinmetz | absolute machine inc
Kevin Rankl was a huge help for us today a always. Very patient with helping with ALL of our issues.
He is always informative and willing to backtrack problems and explain how to fix them. He is very easy
and comfortable to talk with...
Jake Cameron | Spark R&D
Excellent service!! After recently purchasing SolidCAM and not being able get the installation to work due to a few errors I was immediately walked through the installation process and given a new product key. Thanks!
Barry Lightheart | Innovative Automation Inc
Kevin was very helpful!! SolidCAM continues to impress me on customer service!
Stiven MASSALA | DL Flange
No description submitted.
Joseph Latchaw | QualTech Industries, Inc.
Excellent support.
Issues are resolved quickly.
Robert Sorel | Sorel Machine Tool LLC
Very informative and helpful.
Mark brought it down to a level I can understand, thank you
Scott Phillips | Tru-Tech Industries
Kevin was great
Aaron Robinson | Envision Avionics Panels
Mark took great time to make sure that I had all the questions answered. Some suggestions weren't possible to work directly, but maybe in the future they could be in a later update. It would nice to be able to define a working limit around 2D toolpaths, for example with a machine limit, but he recommended the proper course of action using sketches on the model.
Jon Thimas | Emelody
Mark specifically has been a huge resource and help from coming over from other CAM systems. He makes it easy to understand and the learning process has gone smoother because of this.
Alan Reagin | Boston Scientific, Spencer Indiana
I always learn more than I initially was after and am always happy with my experience and like the SolidCam software in every aspect compared to the mastercam software I used to use. Thanks for the positive support always.
Joshua Schmidt | DM&E
Working with SolidCam has been very pleasurable. Their support team is very knowledgeable with the software and they have provided me with guidance on machining strategies with more complicated task.
Tim Burton | Howell Ventures
I am a mold maker with 23 years experience. I have done CNC a couple times through out those years using many different nc programs. I recently started at a new company to start mold making there and have had to go back to learning cnc again. The program that they had purchased was SOLIDCAM. My first opinion of it was it seems more complicated than the Powermill that i was used to. But as i've been learning Solidcam I find that it is a much better software. It takes a little getting used to but it is a much more powerful software in my opinion because you have the option to change pretty much everything. But the thing I like most about it is the support staff. You guys have the most incredible support staff I've ever had the pleasure of talking with. I really mean that. Every question or issue I have had has been addressed right away. Within 30 minutes of running into a road block your staff has had me back running. We have been setting up a new Hurco with 4th axis and the post team has had a new post to us within 10 min everytime we have run into an issue. The solidcam university channel is an invaluable resource to me and the tech support has gone above and beyond everytime to get me up and running again, even when the issue I was having turned out to be machine related not software. Keep up the great support you offer, it makes your software standout. Thanks to all your team.
Jay yurkewich | Pritchard Metalfab
easy to learn software backed by above and beyond customer service!! excellent post/tech departments with very fast response times. I would strongly recommend this software to anyone!
Dave Klimek | Douglas Machine
Kevin Rankl has been a great asset in helping me improve my SolidCAM skills. He's conducted in-house training with my group and he helped us with a number of settings that we were unaware even existed. He is both professional and personable. Kevin has been very prompt about returning emails and calls when we have encountered software problems. He recently helped out with a programming issue, and although he did not personally have the answer, he knew someone who did. Everything was worked out in a matter of minutes with help from the two of them. My understanding and use of SolidCAM has greatly improved since working with Kevin.
Bob Anderson | Boston Scientific
Had an issue with loading a license file and Kevin quickly joined on a call and helped us narrow down the issue. Really appreciated the quick and thorough response which I have always experienced when working SolidCAM support.
Austen Metsack | Western New England University
Kevin helped figure out a geometry error and fix settings. Everyone is always a huge help and friendly every time I call. This is a great service to have since I usually run into questions. I always look forward to using SolidCAM because I know if I get stuck, I have people ready and willing to assist.
Bentley Wall | Kent State University
I deal with a lot of tech support people in my job because I manage over 100 pieces of processing equipment and related control software.
I am quite used to two common scenarios: 1. The support people act like they have better things to do than try to help me and push me down some generic problem solving flow chart that both covers ground I have already covered before calling and does not lead to any solution, or 2. The support people do not understand my situation and do not really possess the skill set to address it. These two scenarios lead to support people saying they are going to need to escalate my request to a supervisor, and often I never hear back.

The reason I am writing in this time is because I have had exactly the opposite experience with your technical support people. I have worked with Paul Johnson and Kevin Rankl today. I called and left my number, and with 30 minutes I got a call back each time. Each time, these guys were so positive and enthusiastic I almost couldn't believe I was on the phone with tech support. Also, they went right in, took over my computer screen and blasted through a large series of actions, clearly knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. Paul helped me sort out a machining problem and convinced me to change my "old school" ways and gave me a much more efficient way to accomplish what I needed to do. Kevin helped me with a license upgrading conflict, that ended up being something wrong with my computer and not even SolidCAM or Solidworks, but he knew where to go and fixed it anyway. I have to say, even being put on hold with the general number was positive. I have never had a tech support automated message say that they hoped I enjoyed my musical experience while waiting for the next available support staff. Hilarious! I don't know what you feed these guys but they are highly competent and responsive, positive and determined to help me until my problems were solved. I wish all of my tech support experiences were even half as good as the ones I have with Paul and Kevin. Thank you so much for not adding to the numerous frustrations my current employer affords me on a daily basis, by providing such great support.
Garrett Weaver | Makstride
We switched to SolidCam almost a year ago. It has simplified so many aspects of programming, to the point we couldn't use anything else if we wanted to. The support team is always available to help and usually our problems are solved in 10 minutes or less. With other Cam software the support team would take 4-5 hours to get back to us and then not even be able to help. Kevin in the support team has a YouTube channel that answers many questions without even needing to call. This has been especially helpful when we are working late or on weekends. I could not recommend them more, you would not be disappointed in going with SolidCam.
Erik Shafer | Industrial Robot Supply Inc
Tim took care of our issue immediately. SolidCAM support has always been spot on!
Istvan Hauer | H-Squared Boston
Experience was great! Emailed Kevin Rankl at 7pm, had a response by 8am the following day and a phone-call with goto meeting a few minutes after. All questions were answered and offered to follow up as needed!

Top Job, thanks for the support!
esteban sobrado | electro parts inc
great product, very happy
Nicholas Bergmann | Exsys Tool
I've been using the software for less than a year and I have never programmed a part in my life prior. Now I'm pumping out all kinds of parts by just watching tutorials on youtube. Kevcam is extremely helpful. I like Sydney's stuff too. The videos are decent lengths and the content is on point. Please keep that alive! I don't know how a programmer can post a new program and know how the machine, tooling, and workholding will perform. I guess that comes in time. Great work and keep it up. I'll continue to tune in....
Kyle Bingham | The Durham Company
We were experiencing an issue loading assemblies into CAM. I left an email and had a phone call within minutes, and was able to get an "update" installed. Everything is working great now, and with minimal downtime.
Brent Burnett | Standard Alloys
Mark was very informative. He was knowledgeable and did a good job of explaining details.
Trevor Bradham | Union Machine Company
Mark we able to assist me with some SolidCam basics. He was able to answer all my questions and show me much easier methods of machining compared to what I had attempted on my own. Looking forward to using the rest of my training!
Ronnie Kidder | Precise Machine
Started using the SolidCAM in the latter part of 2015 and would not switch back to the previous well known cam system.
Currently learning the details of imachining.
3dimachining is quick to use and works for most materials without tweaking.
2dimachining has an odd flow but, for the most part, have come to a consistent method to produce desired results.

Areas for improvement:
2dimachining could should see the remaining stock from a 3dimachining.
Add a variable for the quality of the machine tool to imachining.
Post a workaround video/steps for bugs, such as, the Tapered thread mill for customers on subscription only to view.
Give the user the option to customize the layout and order of the cam tree.
Make the time on the cam tree always on when selected in the tree without having to check the box to refresh.
Post the correct time for a 4th axis operation in the cam tree without having to use host verify to know the time.

Everyone works to solve the customer's problem and it is appreciated.
Excellent post repair turnaround.

Tony DiMemmo | CADDWorks Corporation
A solid integrated cam package that is intuitive.
I can't say enough about their support.
The Youtube chanel SolidCAM University is the best.
Ricardo Juarez | High Tech Machining & Engineering, LLC.
Got great help from Kevin, I was stumped on how to machine a component but he guided me through it. He even managed to figure out how to perform everything on my lathe and not have to do extra 4th axis operations on my mill. Usually I just rely on KevCAM Night School, it's why you don't get many calls from me since I usually find help on what I need there. But today he didn't just help me, he saved me time and money! Thanks Kevin!
Victor Gorecki | Specialty Precision Machining
Best support out there! From all the techs I have talked to and all the YouTube videos like KevCam. This is the main reason I chose Solidcam over all the others.
Kevin Feeley | Jeco Plastic Products, LLC
Kevin Rankl was very helpful! Not only did he show me how to do what I was calling for help on, but he also showed my a bunch of new tricks along the way.
Timothy Benson | Boston Scientific
Paul Johnson has helped me out from training to problem solving to applications questions, he is an exemplary example of what we customers look for when someone from SolidCam picks up the phone.
Paul is quick with getting back, he answers my programming questions and usually ends up showing me a few tips and tricks along the way.
in ending, It shows that SolidCam has the right people guiding the end users, helping us do our job faster which makes for a happy customer.
Clifford Cross | Cross Paths Corp
It was very helpful and done faster than what I could have done.
Matt Gulch | Paragon Autosport
So I just wanted to say how happy I am with the support @ Solidcam! We have had the software going on 3 years now and ive had nothing but great customer service and technical support from day 1. We were familiar with the software so that helped at first but we do some really crazy fun stuff on our machining centers now it requires additional help at times. For example I had a part that fixture collision protection wasnt working correctly, I sent a quick email, Steve and Kevin had it figured out in a matter of minutes and allowed us to cut the parts that day without interruption and the feature worked perfectly once they showed me my problem. Steve Welch has also been key to my success with the product, in reality the software is very expensive (most are) and we had cheaper options but he worked with us in a variety of ways to get me what I wanted and needed. No other vendor of ours has gone as far as he did and on multiple occasions, I couldnt be more thankful for the team and Solidcam!!

Thanks, Matt
Karen Schroer | May Custom Manufacturing, Inc.
I had a training session with Mark Pimentel yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with everything that was accomplished in the 2 hour time span. Mark was extremely knowledgeable about everything and helped walk me through the programming step by step. Thanks so much!!
joel reed | Wayne Tool
Always a pleasure to get things resolved with a SolidCAM team member. The other added bonus is getting a new trick or two every time we talk to help with my part programming efforts.
Josh Updyke | Smith & Nephew
Scott Neill was amazing to work with. Something happened to my computer and cause my license file to stop working. Probably something my IT department did behind the scenes without telling me. It also happened that we had a major part failure at work and absolutely had to get a part machined before lunch. I was really in a bad situation because I could not program the CNC and had no way to fix the problem.

I called into the support line and got Scott on the phone. I told him my problem and he understood my situation and how important it was to me to get back up and running. He was able to fix the problem within about 15 minutes. Scott was very friendly and calm. I could tell that he actually cared about helping me and this was not just another job to him. I have worked with other tech support teams over the years and it is obvious when the people you work with know what they are doing or not. Scott knew his stuff and fixed my problem on the first try.

Support like this is why I continue to buy products from companies. Problems come up no and what really matters is how they are resolved. I am not sure how you reward your employees but please make sure you do reward him. Retaining people like him is what will continue to make your company successful. Give him a extra day off, a bonus or a raise and a big thank you from me.

UPDATE - I was having trouble machining some 17-4 stainless steel parts. I called in and Eric Middlby and Ken Merritt were awesome. They spend a little over an hour with me discussing my solidcam settings and helping me get the settings dialed in for my machine and my project. I tested out the changes later that afternoon and so far the results have been great. One of my cycle times ended up being about 15 minutes shorter so the hour on the phone was made up for before I went to lunch that day. Wonderful technical support.
Kenneth Landis | Weg Commercial Motors
Mark made time for my training after hours. I think he went above and beyond. Thank you so much Mark!
girishkumar patel | PH Machining Inc
2 days ago we put solidcam in use for 3d machining & we had some questions regarding some operations. Mark pimentel helped us a lot. they are always ready to help if you get stuck anywhere with excellent support . I would recommend solidcam and its an excellent product for machine 3D parts. They have lots of features and add inns to make programming easy. Kevcam is also a great source on youtube for learning purpose.
Jeff Soucek | Felt Racing LLC
The Customer Support for SolidCam is the best of any of the software partners we use.
They are always there to answer the phone and many times its the same Tech who actually remembers you.
They always take the time to go the extra mile to explain the solutions or possibly better techniques and tips.
Great group of guys
Christopher McNeely | Torus Tech
Kevin was Amazing!!!
Jeff Wagner | Wags Engineering
I spoke with Kevin about a project that I have that needs some 4-axis machining.
He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Andrew Schiff | ArmorWorks
We just recently purchased SolidCam and it has completely improved how our company programs through CAM and CAD. Kevin and the other individuals at the SolidCam booth have been more than helpful to answer any questions we brought to them. Will definitely be recommending this product to any engineers looking for a new CAM system.
Schuyler Schultz | ArmorWorks
It has been very useful to use and to be able to get support at SolidWorks World 2019 and online.
Eric Barkan | Armorworks
The team is extremely helpful! They helped me reduce my machining cycle times by 76% on some large parts. The training offered is amazing, and the KevCam youtube channel is a great way to learn on your own.
Bill Haygood | Total Support Tooling
Very Helpful. My questions was answered quickly . A++++++++ customer support and service
Thomas Watkins | Q4 Manufacturing Solutions
As usual the entire staff from our account manager to the Application Engineers have been extremely help
Bryan Willman | Willmanlabs
so far fine but we're not to the end yet
but i got a phone call, and the person calling had a good idea what I was calling about, and after hearing direct from me understood the issue, and has promised to follow up.
JOHN UMBER | Walker Evans Enteprises
Talked with Kevin Rankl today. He totally help me with all of the issues that I was having.
Alec Readel | General Graphene
Kevin was a great help and the support team is quick to fix problems!
Brent Ballard | 3dmachine and design
It was great thank you
Cory Deegan | Spark R&D
Kevin was very professional and well versed in what the issue was and how to fix it. I will not hesitate to call with any other questions I have.
Norbert Varga | The Smart Shop
Great customer service and helpful staff
Eric Mandich | Nosler Inc.
Excellent service as always! Kevin was very patient and proficient in resolving the InventorCAM issues I was having.
I would also like to comment on the KevCAM tutorials. These videos have helped me immensely. Without this valuable learning tool I would be struggling with efficiency.
Thank you so much for your commitment and effort!
brady valberg | Simco LLP
very thorough explanations on all the processes and they answered all the questions very well. fun group of guys very knowledgeable. they stayed well after closing time to make sure everything was proven and worked flawlessly
Costin Ignat | Clear Forming LLC
I got my Xmas present early this year!!
Paul Jonson showed me how powerful the HSS module really is. You got one very happy customer right now.
Thanks again Paul, I owe you big time for this cavity design help.

Best regards and merry Christmas
Chris Tomko | Ryerson Formula SAE
SolidCAM was an EASY add-on to our SolidWorks suite and was quite effortless to pick up. When teaching students how to use it, it was immensely intuitive with identifying tooling parameters and being able to visually examine how they affected your machining simulations. Their customer service representatives were always there to help me if I had any technical problems, as well, their technical staff worked tirelessly to renew my licenses to get us up and running again. They offer great post-processor support, created a PERFECT post for us to work with their software, and they did it all with haste. As great as the customer service was though, their program was even better. I've taught other CAM modules to students before, but nothing was as easy to pick up as SolidCAM has proven to be. Their tutorial modules are SO helpful and are efficient in doing multiple operations within a single CAM part. It was overall a great experience, and the more I use this software; the more I want to KEEP using it. It's a great tool and a powerful CAM software.
Dan Sweet | South Morgan Technologies
No description submitted.
Polur Balaranga | CardinalHealth
It was a very good experience and felt happy in interacting with Kevin on the SoliDCAM License Manager installation in the Windows Server 2012 R2.
Dustin Burns | U of I
I called customer support because I was having an annoying issue with a tool path. I had to leave a message because customer support was busy but they returned my call shortly. The tech, Paul Johnson, spent 15-20 minutes explaining all of the the small details of the programming issue I was having even though the issue was " fixed ". I was glad that he insisted on a meeting anyways because he dropped the run time from 120 minutes to 37 minutes with just simple tool path modifications.
Justin Farrelly | Vercet LLC

Thank you! Its always a pleasure to learn the error of my ways in a call with you. All I need to do now is get those calls to less than one a week!
Kevin Farrar | Infinite Electronics Inc.
Very fast response times, and friendly service. Always greatly appreciate the support,and knowledge received by the team at SolidCAM!
Keep up the great work guys! :-)
Victor Greene | Diversified Fittings
Paul is the man! He was extremely helpful with showing me how to use HSS operations to achieve a pocket radius I was having trouble with. Quick, informative and to the point. Top notch service as always.
Greg Pelly | Stratos Aircraft
Kevin Rankl was great to work with. He's professional, has a great attitude, and is very knowledgeable... Thank you Kevin.

Best regards, Greg.
Ken Laux | Plexux
Called on an issue I was having with 2018 updated software not working with some of my old templates. Problem has been resolved and a few other questions answered as well. Staff is always polite and helpful showing some new short cuts in the new software.
SAMUEL OPENSHAW | Porter Machine Inc.
Jeff Helget | Alexandria Industries
Kevin was very responsive and knowledgeable. Knew exactly how to assist and got it done. Support is what makes the difference.
Kelly Permenter | Cardinal Health
I spoke at length with Kevin Rankl this morning. I needed help moving post processor files and license transfer to a server. Kevin was very helpful and proactive at each step of this process and I am confident that in the future I will have no problem moving up the learning curve in my use of SolidCam.
Eric Krug | Krug Consulting LLC
I have been using iMachining 2D for a few years. Kevin gave me a full demo of iMachining 3D and I was amazed and how much I can use this for my 2D geometry. Too many times I may spend a hour programming a part (with little complaints) using the standard SolidCAM features. More than often, this is for a single prototype part. The iMachining 3D is AMAZING on how quick and easy it is to program the complete part in a fraction of the time. I will be ordering very soon and profits will be up! Thank you KEVIN!!!
Justin Payne | Thomas Manufacturing
Extremely knowledgeable staff.
Laura Rose | Fieldale Farms Corporation
Kevin was a great help configuring our InventerCAM 2018 to see the customized files our users have created.

Thank you and Tim Mika for all the help!
Deanna Holmer | Fieldale Fabrication
Answered all my questions and everything went well
Edwin Mallela |
Solid cam is the best!! I'd recommend it to my colleagues.

The YouTube videos are very helpful. Especially Kevin and his team!!
Joshua Schaeffer | Absolute Machine
Was having issues transferring licenses to a new computer. Kevin made it much easier.
Mark Turner | Labor Saving Systems LTD.
I have been using Solidworks since the beginning and have worked with a lot of software tech support and SolidCam by far has the best tech support I have ever worked with. Thank you for all you do.
Chris LaPierre | Ashland Electric Products, Inc
No description submitted.
Jose llinas | Globaltek manufacturing
Thanks so much with your support yesterday and today, you’re an excellent technical support. I appreciate sincerely your time and your tips.

Jon McCarty | Tubular Steel Inc
Another amazing experience with your service team! kevin was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. He quickly understood what I needed and helped me get my job done. I have never had a bad experience with any of my calls to your service team.
Kirk Fish | Nylok
I received a call back within 5 minutes and explained exactly what I needed to know. Great experience.
Benoit Demeule | Aluminox
Amazing service all the time !
Jacob Clark | Hell Fire Armory LLC
Great customer service. Had me fixed up and machining in minutes!
Gary McLuen | McLuen Design, Inc
Dan Bloemberg | Journeymen International Inc.
The support staff is super knowledgeable and have been able to answer any questions i have ever had. Solid Cam itself is very user friendly and makes programming very efficient.
Mark Harrison | Interroll, Inc.
Excellent support, with quick and easy to understand answers. The videos answer so many questions, and allow me to perform my job with the latest techniques. Thanks
Steven West | 1st Article Engineering, LLC
I just completed 3 (10-29 - 10-31) days of training at the PA office of SolidCAM. Mark Pimentel was our instructor.

Mark's knowledge of the product was amazing. He knew about almost every function, check box, and setting one might encounter. He was also able to explain the functions of each to whatever depth was necessary. Mark also had a good grasp of the basic machining processes. Those esoteric bits that he was unsure of were cleared up quite quickly by a little research or someone else on the SolidCAM team.

The first 1 3/4 days were spent in lecture and the last day was dedicated to hands on practice.

My only concern was that by the time we got to the hands on portion of the training we had been drinking information from a fire hose. I would have gotten much more out of the training if it had been broken into sections or modules where we could have practiced each skill before moving on to the next higher task. We could have benefited from having a part or task that would have let us practice our skills under the tutelage of Mark; a bit at a time.

I would gladly pay to do this training again if it were more hands on than lecture.

SolidCAM is a great product that is going to be an asset my company will use for a long time. For me, it's just taking a long time to get up to speed.
Kevin Olson | Linemods LLC
No description submitted.
I've had help from Kevin, Scott, and Ken. All have extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Tony Flickinger | Abbottstown Ind
Kevin helped me out at the end of the day on a Friday. I had several surfaces, contours and shapes to deal with on my cam part. He was exceptional in helping me and showing me how to use the different strategies to obtain the desired part. I have learned a lot from him in a short time. Thank you Kevin!!
Stuart Ruehling | Riverhills tool and Die
very very helpfull
Brandon Patton | Vector Launch
5 Stars! Support and service is top notch. The learning curve is short and we were making chips in no time! We're very happy with our Solidcam package.
Glenn Perry | NuVasive
Security Dongle was not working after a software version update. Kevin emailed me the file and had me back up and going in no time.
John Bailey | Current Tools
SolidCAM by far is the most user friendly cam software available. I've had experience with multiple cam packages and solidCAM sets the bar very high for the competition. In my opinion the HEM toolpaths are hard to beat especially when it comes down to ease of use. The next best feature with solidCAM would have to be the HSS toolpaths.
Chad Jazwinski | Pact
All good
Stephen Loreto | IMI CCI
very pleasant experience with no delay at all.
Alan Fung | Imi-CCi
Excellent support from Kevin and respond fast help us to resolved the issues. Thank You Very Much
Philip Moreland | Trifecta Aerospace
The guys have helped me out so much, They have been very helpful in showing me the right way of doing it. I still have a lot of learning to do. The software is so powerful. Its very nice compared to what I am use to using at my previous job. SolidCam / Solidworks is Loaded with so many features. Learning all of them is going to take a while.
John Goldman | CTDI
New user here switching to 2.5-D Solid CAM/Solid Works from a well-known competitor’s full blown 3-D CAD/CAM. Head to head Solid Cam helped put the kibosh on any further seats from the competitor. We were hung out to dry with processor problems being inconstant and unstable, Solid Cam’s competitor offered no support, just wanted more money for training and a processor. I needed help from Solid Cam and got it. Solid Cam makes sure their users hit the ground running, unlike our other CAD/CAM package which left us stuck in the mud.
Austin Rupprecht | MSI-Mold
Kevin was very helpful and prompt, helped me out getting my solidcam back up and going. And showed me some new features to make my job easier. Thanks a bunch, Austin Rupprecht, MSI-Mold
Michael Amrein | CHT
Great product with outstanding service! Mark P. worked me thru the operations of a time sensitive part for our customer and provided training over an above what I needed, giving me tools i would certainly need in the future.
Zack Kooi | Menges Roller
I thought Kevin was Great. very patient with me.
Don Renoudet | Genie Ind.
No matter the complexity of my issue, it is always answered by the support team. Thank you for helping my along the way!
Jason Messing | Vibracoustic USA
Kevin got the license working quickly.
Olav Oksnevad | Ox Firearms
This software works awesome. I run a DMG 5 axis mill and haven't run into anything the software can't handle. The support is second to none and the post was extremely well written. I strongly recommend this software to anyone looking for the best capabilities available.
Anthony Villanova | Southern Machine Specialists
These guys keep me up and running constantly for the past 8 years. Good job. keep up the good work.
Erik Moon | Decadent Minimalist
The software is easy to use and very good - but the support is simply phenomenal. They go out of their way to make sure you are using their tools to the max.
Emmanuel Papanoli | Ottawa Corporation
excellent support
Hunter Fus | McGinley Manufacturing
Kevin was informative and gave good explanations on how to fix my issues
Brent Huss | PDQ
Was a Surfcam user before changing to SolidCam and was amazed at how much better solidcam is. Faster program times and the imachining Technology is much better than trumilling.
Great customer support! Highly recommend Solidcam to anyone.
Matt Wallace | PDQ South
For ten years prior to making the switch to SolidCam, I used a multi-software combo of SolidWorks + Surfcam to manufacture complex injection molds. One of my biggest frustrations was dealing with Engineering changes or modifications after spending hours programming. Not only did SolidCam resolve this issue with its fully associative and integrated solution, the level of control I now have for creating high tolerance surfaces with superior finishes have virtually eliminated the need for polishing thus improving our lead times. The intuitiveness of SolidCam made the learning curve short and sweet. Top line growth, bottom line improvement, support when you need it....Thanks SolidCam Team!
Andrew DeWitt | Panther Industries
I made the switch from Mastercam to Solid Cam in 2013, over the last five years I have seen a tremendous reduction in cycle time thanks to the Imachining module. Training is fast and easy keeping down time due to a learning curve at a minimum. I could not be more happy with Solid Cam!
Roy Manley | Mach III, Inc.
My career in machining started in 1988 and has allowed me to watch the evolution of CNC programming. From the days of punching data tape out when one type-o caused mass confusion to software allowing every detail to be viewed before posting. After starting up Mach III, Inc. (Job Shop) in 2000, we investigated programming software and decided that SurfCam was what we needed to provide fast turn arounds for part processing. SurfCam revolutionized machining with its TrueMill roughing process and seemed to be leading the industry for a few years. As we continued using SurfCam, several innovations occurred, but the base platform stayed the same and became less friendly to work with in the world of Windows. We were a SolidWorks user and learned how SolidCam integrated into SolidWorks with the ability to seamlessly synchronize as modifications were made to the model. After using SolidCam for over six years, we look back and realize how much time has been saved from the programming aspect to machining with their I-Machining roughing process. Time is money and there is no comparable process that is faster than I-Machining for roughing a part in any material. The largest learning curve was figuring out how SolidCam used a parametric model to program versus using surfaces, lines, and other geometric elements used in SurfCam. Many processes in the user interface are similar and allow a new SolidCam user to transition with a small learning curve. I suggest for anyone looking into an affordable programming software that supports 3-5 axis machining, SolidCam can’t be beat. It all comes down to saving time and SolidCam provides a solution to creating machined components in the fastest manner possible. Their service and support are exceptional with a great staff who has real world experience.
Don Bishop | SpectraQ
I have to say, I have had many software products over the years -- CAE, CAD, CAM as well as advanced technical modeling software and SolidCAM has by far the best support I have ever experienced. All of the SolidCAM support people are knowledgeable, patient, experienced, and go above-and-beyond to make sure that I can get the best possible value. The software quite good, and the support is second to none.
Ben Lofgren | A & B Consulting
Through the years I have used well over a dozen CAD/CAM softwares. Surf Cam was one of the most powerful at the time that I used for 3 months for Tool & Die 3D work programming and machining master dies for a Kohler Flywheel project. Although the software was easy to use at the time it did not have the many safety features that SolidCAM does and continues to add to their product. Because of the time involved verifying a program before setting up and running the various parts for this one job it was not that hard to miss a collision or gouging problem which never bit me but did get another operator on the same machine which took out the fiberglass cover one day. Gouging was always an issue, sometimes because of the way parts were drawn. Repairing my composite parts was time consuming and then remachining took time again to finally get the part completed before filing and polishing. iMachining with SurfCAM would have made every project in the shop run smoothly and quickly. It's no wonder the company went out of business because they didn't have the right software to do the job. SolidCAM is the RIGHT software. I love how SolidCAM shows the stock left and the machined part at every step along the way. Easily stepping through operations and seeing depths simultaneously speeds up the verification process for me. The graphics in SolidCAM is fantastic especially when using it with machine simulation. The intuitiveness and precision to graphically move your tools quickly and efficiently to make parts is astounding. I am using and learning new ways to use SolidCAM each day. I especially like the night class webinars for learning the basics and new tricks and changes continually implemented in this great software package. I am also amazed at how quickly an old, smaller, lighter weight machine can remove stock so quickly and efficiently with less tool wear and breakage than any other software can.
Jose Juarez | High Tech Machining & Engineering, LLC
Always knowledge about everything, quick respond when unable to be reach. Staff is very polite and take there time to explain you everything. All my problems are resolve within minutes, so I can go back to milling. I can’t think on anything that could be done to make the service better, I’m happy with solidcam support team!

High Tech
Brock Shimon | MME
After trying to fixing an imported model that I had Solidcam internally built in to.
I spent a couple of hours trying to get Solidcam to look at the new model that had
the changed and brought in to the file. I couldn't get it to look at the new model just the old one.
I called tech support. It only took Kevin a couple of minutes to fix.
Kevin Kluver | Alexandria Extrusion
I used Surfcam for about 6 six years and then switched to Solidcam. Programming with Solidcam is a lot easier and faster than using Surfcam.
PATRICK rotert | tri-state equipment
Rob Loar | CL Machine
I was having a small problem with imachining, all of my own creation. I sent an email requesting some information on how to fix my mess. I received a response within an hour. Soon thereafter, I received a call and Kevin had the problem fixed within 1 minute. I had a setting that contradicted another elsewhere. After fixing my mess, he took the time to share information about SolidWorks and SolidCam that will be beneficial to my son's career as a Mechanical Engineer.
Yet another reason for me to brag about SolidWorks, SolidCam, and the entire team over there that are a pleasure deal with.
Thank you Again!
Nicole Brown | Polycraft Products
I had a great experience with the support line, extremely helpful and very educational for being a new user. Definitely giving a 5 star rating!
Justin Maxwell | Maxwell Welding & Machine
Jestin always does a great job and is very knowledgeable in the Mill turn areas that I request his help in. Any time I put in a support request with him he responds quickly and has never let me down with a solution! Keep up the great work.
jim Pearl | telcon
i called about an issue i was having with one part of my cam software, and there ended up being a few things i had setup incorrectly.

He definitely went above and beyond on helping me with all my issues. i really appreciate the great customer service. i wouldn't have been able to finish the part without it.

thank you,

jim pearl.
shannon hodgson | t.d. williamson, inc
I always am happy with the help i get with the guys there kevin rankl today went above the call to anwser everything i needed him too like always. thanks guys
Matthew Bourgeois | GE Oil & Gas
Pual helped get em up and running very quickly!!
Jeff Smith | WS Darley
Thank you for the great phone support to step me through an issue I was having. Most importantly, thank you for the quick response to my questions.
Nebojsa Jaksic | Colorado State University - Pueblo
No description submitted.
Grover Donlon | Donlon Manufacturing LLC
Kevin Rankl was a great help and got me up and running in minutes.
Phillip Gardner | Megawatt Machine Services
My company just purchased subscription for solidcam, Kevin Rankl was extremely helpful and got me sorted out on the version I am using. I have also dealt with Paul in the past and he as well is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Matt Russell | McGinley Orthopedics
The SC support team is always quick, knowledgeable and nice to talk to. Thanks!
Chris Gladish | Equitable Engineering
Kevin was extremely helpful with our cam project. we should have called tech support a lot earlier than we did.
Thomas Mellinger | Industrial Technologies
I worked with Paul on several issues that needed addressed. I was having difficulty using simulation and verify, and Paul thoroughly explained how it works, and how to properly use it. He spent more than an appropriate amount of time assisting me today. We resolved some issues and I am satisfied with my experience.
RJ Martin | RJ Martin Design, Inc.
All questions answered quickly and completely!!
George-Paul Cicarlan | Assembly Specialty Products, Inc.
I had a very good experience with the technician. Very knowledgeable and prompt.
Brian Dutilly | Brians Machine Shop
Fantastic support, from the front end support team to post processor creators. SolidCAM has the formula for customer success figured out! I've used other cad/cam programs on the market today, but with the ease of use and wide arrays of teaching tools out there for SolidCAM. Why waste time learning another program when SolidCAM has it all under one roof.
Chris Stricherz | Simcollp
The guys are really helpful, and usually answer as soon as I call.
Rich Ezinga | Alpha Machine Co
Kevin Rankl, was great. He worked through the issue quickly, and got me back to work. Thanks!
Frank Yamrick | Belrick Corp
Excellent customer support
Tyler Watkins | Q4 Manufacturing Solutions
The SolidCAM support team is always extremely helpful and extremely knowledgeable. They always gets me pointed in the right direction with any question I have quickly and informatively. Thanks SolidCAM!
Caleb Nichols | Apollo Design
Knowledgeable staff with great people skills.
Edwin Herasymiuk | Gulf X-Ray Services
Great support! Steve Welch has always done a great job staying in touch with me and making sure my needs were met. Kevin Rankl's technical support is outstanding helping me getting started with SolidCAM. Keep up the good work.
Steve Holmes | Expanded Rubber & Plastics
best support staff ever
Mathew Zartman | Rochester Metal Products
SolidCAM has been beyond helpful with ensuring my software is running as intended. If something arises their response time and overall customer support is second to none.
Ty Hargroder | Tango Yeti LLC
I'm one week in to using the software and it has been great. The support team has quickly resolved my questions and issues to keep me moving forward on my projects. The iMachining modules have really been the most impressive part for me, giving me the confidence to quickly remove material.
Clayton Filler | Metal Motion
No description submitted.
John Downs | Interroll
Great! Always good customer service!
Yancey Applegate | TDWilliamson

Carlos Delahoz | Miami Coral Park Seniorhigh
I am very happy with solid cam. We had difficulty with it until last year because we didn't have the computers that would support the software. This year we got new computers and it is running great. Thank you
Tom Conti | Vanocur llc
Helpful, informative, quick to reply and resolve issue.
S Robinson | SRS
I’ve been configuring one of my Mazak’s for a big project I’m currently working on. Long-story short, I called phone support and Greg Payton answered. My question was pretty simple and Greg assisted with no problem. But the assistance didn’t stop there. Greg went above and beyond by helping me configure that 1 part into a multi-design configuration. He created a design table in Solidworks but more importantly, when each part is selected in Solidcam it automatically resizes (part, stock, cutting, etc.) One word……”WOW!” I can’t begin to tell you how much time this is going to save me. He then went one more step and designed the bar stock to adjust to the part size so I’m not wasting time on excess material. This kind of service is why I keep coming back to Solidcam. You guys are the real deal. And for Greg, what a great hire for Solidcam.
Garret Wilkinson | Ameritex
Great! Mark is a great teacher!
Smart software and all, but the only beef I have is that the SolidCAM interface is not very user friendly. Other than that, It's all good.
Mathew Johnson | Apex Manufacturing Group
It was great. Thanks again
Eric Meyer | Ometek Inc.
My experience so far with Solidcam has been great. The tech support team as well as the post team have been very helpful and responsive to all of my questions.
The software is very intuitive and has been easy to learn so far. I'm looking forward to learning all of the tips and tricks and unlocking the true potential of the software to make our shop even more successful.
Michael Chouinard | Phasic Technologies
SolidCAM is an extremely powerful and friendly package with the best support we have ever experienced in a CAM/CAE package. We use several packages and SolidCAM is our goto for difficult prismatic and surfaced parts. It cant be emphasized enough that their support is staffed by experts with practical experience in manufacturing and the software to support it.
Jerry Velarde | Yesco
Mark Pimentel, Helped me out yesterday. We did a 2 hour training session and I learned more in the 2 hours than I was hoping for. Marks explanation through the process made it stick in my head and understand what was going on step by step. Mark's definitely very good at what he does, I wrote him today to thank him for his time but really because he went above and beyond.
Tucker Blanchard | Berkshire Precision Tool
Very helpful and friendly. The support staff is great.
Aaron Rogers | Soule Packaging
My experience using and working with the Solidcam team has been excellent. Tim in sales was very helpful with the initial process in interpreting our company needs. I had never used any type of CAM program before so this was completely new to me. Eric was very helpful and patient with me. He helped me to understand the overall principals of machining, then did a great job training me to use the software with our machine. Paul and Kevin were very helpful when I was switching from a desktop computer to a laptop. Every time I call I am able to get through to a team member in a very short amount of time.
Pepetools Pepetools | Pepetools
When searching to purchase a CAM package Solidcam consistently came up as the best. It was one of the most important decisions we made 4 years ago, the impact it has had on our shop is tremendous. The support Solidcam provides is top notch, we've never waited longer than a few minutes to hear a response and the support team is always available and super helpful. If there is one thing I can say that is great about this software is that it's made our cycle times faster, quoting easier, and most importantly improved efficiency ten-fold. Thank you to Kevin and the folks at Solidcam for all that you do for us!
Rick Toby | Stagg Machine Products
I am relatively new to SolidWorks and SolidCam do to the person that was experienced in these programs left our company, so I have needed some help along the way as I learn the soft wear. You folks over there are awesome at getting me what I need. Very quick to respond back and get me going again.
Love Solid Cam and I Machining.
Thanks Kevin and all staff there.
Jason Potocki | Miller Metal Fabrication, Inc.
This is the first time I've called for technical help since solidcam moved all of the distribution in house and I will say that I was very pleased with the technicians knowledge and communication skills. He was very willing to help, figured out my problem (which didn't even end up being a solidcam issue), and walked me through getting back up and running. This is quite a pleasant move as, in the past, SolidCam's downfall was the availability (or lack of) technical service. Thanks a lot!!!
Zach Sammon | Mico Industries
I was helped by Kevin Rankl and was provided some of the best service I have ever gotten from support! Gets the job done quickly with a good attitude.
Stan Pleskunas | Pleskunas Design LLC
I had the pleasure of speaking with both Kevin Rankl and Greg Payton in the last couple of days regarding an instillation issue associated with a SolidWorks upgrade. The both were outstanding in their approach and results to fix my issues. SolidCam in general has been very attentive and professional with respect to support. The product is also outstanding! It meshes with SolidWorks perfectly and is intuitive to use. I couldn't imagine using anything else.
My advice for upper management is to get Kevin and Greg a raise and a paid vacation soon! SolidCam doesn't want to lose such consummate professionals. Thanks for the support it is invaluable to my business.
Stan Pleskunas
Pleskunas Design LLC
Jeff Ryan | Custom CNC Machine
Very Grateful to the 5 STAR support staff at SolidCAM. They are all always knowledgible and willing to do what it takes to get me where I need to be. As well as noticing things I could be doing better and answering a question or two I might have. You guys rock!! Thanks
Eric Giroux | TRAF Industrial Products
The software is very good and does what it is supposed to do. But I've been seriously tempted to switch to Fusion 360 due to their lower cost and Mac compatibility. However, the support team is the main reason why I can't see using anything else right now. Your guys are incredibly helpful and always willing to go well beyond what is minimally required.

Thanks to them as well...
Kier Prcevich | Trilad Flange and Fitting
Excellent service from Paul. Solved the issue and was very informative.
Darrin Easley | Charlotte Pipe & Foundry
Paul was such a great help. I now understand how to use the setup tab for my work offsets. He also help me get my tool holders to show up in visual check.
Jim Holmes | Konrad Corp
wait time for a rep is never long and they are always extremely helpful and friendly.
Kevin Vitolo | Three M Tool
No description submitted.
David Weekley | STD Precision Gear
No description submitted.
Jeremy Eaton | E-Z BURR TOOL
Was fast and helped me get ever thing up and running. Thank you
Michael Kursinsky | Excel Mold Ltd.
I am a new user, and was stuck on a small problem. Paul was most helpful in sorting it out and showing me what I needed to know, as well as explaining other related options.
Scott Patton | M&M Competition Engines
We have been a SolidCam user since 2011. Post support is amazing for this product. We have lower end machines and the software and support has enabled our machines to perform as good or better than machines that are 10X the cost! Greg Schils (post support) has been an asset to our company.....with out his help and support we would not be able to offer the products and/or the high quality of products that we do! Thanks to Greg and SolidCam!
Sammy Glanzer | Fordham MFG
Very Helpful Staff Nice to work with
Tony Langton | Stylmark Inc
SolidCAM is an awesome product that we use every day. iMachining in particular is very efficient and saves time and tooling which equals money. Paul from tech support was very professional and helpful and got me making chips right away.
Michael Criner | Axis Manufacturing LLC
Paul helped me out in getting a new license file to upgrade to the current version of Solidcam. Thanks
James Romine | Brown Precision Inc.
Very quick response time. It would be great to see an update for NX to correct the issues we have found.
Jeff Emelander | machinist
Excellent service, I wish all software companies could be like SolidCam.
the soildcam pro was great at explaining the process and making sure I understood it
Bryan Hurdman | Rekluse
Paul was very helpful. Assured all my questions and got me going. Thank you.
Eric Northuis | Prime Products Inc.
Awesome product! Period. Gives you total control over tool paths without any manual editing. Been programming and running CNC for 20 years and this software will do anything I want it to do.
Chuck Berg | Command Tooling Systems, LLC
We installed the software late April of this year, and we are already preparing for our third seat of the 2.5D platform. We are extremely happy with the code output, and the extensive training videos available to learn the software efficiently. Excellent post support! The SolidCAM team is very personable and professional. I believe the investment that we have made thus far has been a tremendous value. Kevin, Eric, Greg and Steve have been a pleasure to work with. Thank-you all for your diligent effort!
Derrick Huneycutt | Charlotte Pipe & Foundry
Very informative, problem was solved in a few short minutes, will definitely use again in the future.
Gage Schneider | KLM Machining, INC.
Steve and Kevin have both been a great help in helping our shop with upgrading to 5 axis machining. I can't imagine going into this without the help of SolidCAM and their support staff. Everything since day one has been awesome with SolidCAM. Thanks everyone, looking forward to a long and productive future!
Stacen Sehr | Terex Bidwell
Kevin just got me set back up after an Inventor upgrade. Set me up with a bunch of tutorials. I have warm fuzzy feelings!!! EXCELLENT customer care.
THANKS for everything!!
David Lurie | Fulghum Industries, Inc.
Support is excellent as always. Fast response and knowledgeable staff.
Brian Jackson | Jackson-Standard Model & Mold
Software support has been top-notch, easily as good as I receive from CATI (SolidWorks). Whenever I call, I have found the application engineers have always been friendly and helpful. Moreover, I am impressed with the level of knowledge that the support line people possess; They seem eager to share their knowledge to help me solve programming and machining problems. In fact, I chose SC because when meeting many of the same people at IMTS, it was clear that this was their company ethos and that they were willing to help a beginner like me.
David Trent | Custom Urethane
After "hacking" around for a while, I decided to make the call to customer support. Within a few minutes Jestin solved my problem. As always... great customer support. Thanks!
Steven Bertram | Bertram & Co. LTD
Technical support is superb! As a new CNC operator I could not be more pleased with the support network offered by Solidcam. Very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you!
Allan Tolentino | 380 System
Quick Response! Awesome Technical Support! Thanks Kevin! Please send Solidcam drill/decimal chart... My shop looks like an Autodesk user with their drill chart.
Lance Backus | Edgewater Automation
its been very enjoyable and fun learning how to program with solidcam.
Jason Schaefer | Edgewater Automation
SolidCam has been by far one the easiest to learn and powerful cam software I have used. Not to mention there support team and online resources is great!
Paul Davis | Skidmore College Art Department
No description submitted.
Grant Suty | Nosler, Inc.
I have been very happy with SolidCAM. With the exception of the hold/wait music. I get it. Darren, you are clearly a good musician, but seriously play some new songs.
No description submitted.
Cody Fraser | Sawyer MFG.
Excellent software! Excellent support. Mark Pimentel was extremely helpful and has a very positive attitude. Couldn't ask for better support.
Tamara Seleznev | Concordia SAE (student society)
Being a student run club trying to support several race car teams, we have some very unique challenges. We suffer from very high turnover and most members have little to no experience when they first join. Furthermore we tend to work on components with challenging geometries and in a wide variety of materials. Through all of this iMachining has proven to be an amazing tool. It's allowing members with only a few hours of training to produce good parts the first time. We have been truly impressed by the flexibility of the software and the technical support we have received over the years.
Michael Watchorn | Transformix Engineering Inc.
My experience was very good. I had a user request we upgrade and we bumped the EXE and then the license to 2017 and I'll do the new EXE soon.
The instructions were clear and simple, as was the actual process. I did have to ask if the license upgrade could be done while users were logged in (or after hours). That was not clear in the original instructions (
Note: I do not recall getting an email letting me know the 2017 was ready and that I should pursue it. Instead I kind of stumbled upon it, when I asked about upgrading to 2016.
shannon johnson | AC Manufacturing
I had a two hour training session with Mark Pimentel dealing with Solidcam related programming issues. Mark listened to the questions I had; repeated those questions to me for clarity; answered each question thoroughly both verbally and through examples; and went back over those questions at the conclusion of our session to ensure that I was satisfied with my understanding of the concepts.
Ethan Dolan | Louisiana State University
No description submitted.
Tom Hodges | MA[AL
No description submitted.
Ryan Christie | Prescription MFG LLC.
We were having some problems with the post on our Haas VF6/40TR so we called in for some pointers trying to figure it out and the solidcam support team were more than awesome to work with!. Come to find out, for some reason a few of the G and M codes between the post and machine were wrong , also one axis was rotating backwards. As soon as I called in Zac worked his tail off to get us up and running ! He looked through the post, found the problems, and just got it done , He also did most of this in a GoToMeeting so we had a better understanding of the software and helped us through some questions about programming .I cant say enough good things about this company/ there programming/ and there support staff.
Vincent Pappert | Spectrum Design, LLC
Whenever a question arises, no matter how small or large, the SOLIDCAM support team is always there to help in the blink of an eye.
Their combined knowledge, expertise, and kindness are truly appreciated and have made our lives much easier!
Drew Johnson | MDi-co
Support is excellent, only frustrations are with some software limitations. The team has been working hard to address these issues and help come up with solutions and work-arounds to keep us going.
Jerry Wilson | Ready-Made Plastic Trays
It's always informative. The guys are very polite and I'm very grateful for they're help. Life saver.
Steve Goorts | Innovative Automation
Kevin from the support team was great to deal with and provided a lot of good tips for me moving forward. Great experience!
Jeff Hoskison | Walker Evans Racing
Great support
Todd Ostrue | Ameritek international
Always a good experience talking to the guys at Solidcam there very informative and always find a solution to all of my issues
keep up the great work and Kevin please keep up the Kevcam videos they are some of the best training ive ever recieved
Thomas Barlow | Southern machine specialist
Matt Kelso | Rekluse Motor Sports
Kevin was able to help me with my problem quickly, customer support is usually quite good.
Kurt Zufan | Cutting edge machine
Being new to SC and using the demo version. Mark was very helpful in helping me understand what I was doing.
Mark Soderberg | retired
Paul was just terrific. He helped me on a turning problem that I had been having for some time. Very fast, personable, and made be comfortable. You have a great team!
Nick Johnson | BWXT
The Solidcam software is the most intuitive and powerful software on the market by far. It is the easiest software to pickup and if you get stuck the Solidcam support team is there to give you a helping hand. Amazing customer support!
Kevin Savant | Savant Mfg. Inc.
Great Job
Adam Ostermiller | Juniper Systems
I was having an issue with MS.dll not opening correctly. Kevin Rankl helped get it fixed for me quickly.
Mike Zwiefelhofer | Catalytic Combustion
Very helpful and knowledgeable of the product and made sure all our questions were answered to our satisfaction.
John Reinhard | BYU
They were able to help us promptly and with exactly what we needed. It was great to have the ability to share our desktop with the support staff.
Markus Klement | Max Planck Florida Institute
Kevin Rankl and Jestin Fugua helped me programming a tool path today and they went above and beyond to help me with my issue!
I appreciate the great support from SolidCAM, that is the way to go!
Raja Faruq Baharuddin | NB Corporation of America
Very Good customer support.
Martin Menard | Hydrep inc
Very fast and straigth to the point support
Brian Giffn | Giffin Tec
I started with large ambitions and a low level of CNC experience with machining generally. You all are my lifeline. it's going well. I get a call back fast enough to keep progress rolling. The tech help is very solid. I got the chamfer situation worked out and that part cut. I'm presently building an injection mold with a water cooled core slide for our 40 year old manufacturing business.

(Thanks for just a comment area, I don't answer forms if I can avoid it. Have phormaphobia real bad. )
Chris LaPierre | Ashland Electric Products, Inc
The support is fantastic!! Well done guys
Henning Wallgren | Henning's Shop LLC
It was awesome !
Troy Dammer | Olympic Steel, Inc.
For the general machining that we do it works great, however when we are asked to do some more complex parts it takes a little longer. Thankfully we have Support to guide us thru some of these projects.
Wish we had a more advanced training class locally that we could attend.
Michael Fernandez | GIRARD equip
Bit rushed
bryce kennon | maors plastics
No description submitted.
william chisholm | Hood-EIC.LLC
Technical and Post Processor support are unmatched, Very easy to work with and always willing to help.
Avery Oberstadt | Applied Machine Innovation
Some of the best customer support I have ever worked with. The support staff makes this software worth every penny!
Luis Ordaz | Machining Technology
I want to thank everybody at SolidCam support, especially to Eric Middleby and Jestin Fuqua, they have the patient to teach on how to get the job done, the support has been excellent.
Troy Druckenmiller | Central Machine Co., Inc.
Sent in a simple support request and received a quick response. That quick response resulted in drastic changes to allow me to get back to my machine faster.
Anthony Chaghlassian | AC Fabrication
Solidcam is the best Cam package I have used, very user friendly and the support is amazing.
Brian Cogsdil | Mercer Engineering Research Center
Mark Pimentel answered all my question. He was genuinely helpful and informative.
Jim Duszynski | Endeavor Machined Products
I've been a user for more than 5 years now and the service and support have always been top notch. Usually the phone is answered promptly and the support personnel on the other end are knowledgeable and helpful.
Randy Schamberger | Ardisam
SolidCam has allowed us to make a lot of complex items that we were not able to make with hand programing. Support is sometime hard to get in timely manner however when available they are able to solve problems quickly
Norm Novak | K&M Manufacturing
I can't say enough of good things about SolidCam, it is a very solid program, supported by excellent people who are very helpful with service and training. When I started using SolidCam for our 5 axis CNC router about 4 years we had no prior CNC experience in our company. Through the training and technical support from SolidCam it did not take long at all to get up to speed to router out quite complicated thermoformed parts . With every release of this program just gets better and better, clearly SolidCam strives to help their customers be successful through continuous improvement to the program, tech support, and training. I found the Machine Simulation package to be indispensable in time savings and tool path verification. I know it has saved us a lot of time and money, and I would defiantly recommend it! The KevCam online night classes are another example of excellent customer support. I would defiantly recommend SolidCam
Dan J. | Browns Machine
Thanks for the help, the solidcam techs are always willing to help out regardless how simple the problem. I used “Mastercam” for years. we changed over in 2016 to “SOLIDCAM”…..I never used such a “user” friendly programing software, If there’s a problem while programing. Solidcam lets you know exactly what needs to be changed….unlike Mastercam that just gives you an “error” message…and then you have to find were the mistake is. This has made my job much more enjoyable! I look forward to programing every time I turn it on.
Stephen Barkhouse | Tecomet
Your Tech support is excellent you guys always get back to us with an answer in a timely manner
Seth Anderson | NA
I have called many times since I started using SolidCam in 2010. SolidCam sets the bar when it comes to customer service and tech support. I would like to personally thank, Steve Welch, Paul Johnson, and Russ Akins. Over the years, they have been the people that have helped me the most. Keep up the good work, the product makes my job easy.
Spencer Hughes | Ries Tripod
Excellent. Kevin showed me a lot of ways to make our work easier and better.
Anthony Berti | Diverse Machining
My experience was great. Helpful and informative.
Lonnie Coulter | La Bastille
The SolidCAM team never ceases to amaze me with their ability to understand my specific problem, their ability to respond quickly, and their proficiency across the board with all aspects of problem solving. Thank you so much to an incredible team!
Robb Leggett | Southern Machine Specialist
I have been a Solid Cam user for about 7 years. Everyone I have been in contact with has always been very helpful and knowledgeable . They don't stop until my problem is solved.
sometimes I have trouble installing the new updates. it would be very nice if we didn't have to load so many updates. Other than that I have been very pleased with the software and the support of the Solid Cam team.
Jake VanTorre | Equitable Engineering
To sum up briefly: There have been several hiccups that needed to be worked out within our machine post. It was to be expected, since it was a new post for our unique machine. But SolidCam has been extremely helpful and responsive throughout this process.
George Lauer | S. Johnson & Sons
I have not found a part that SolidCAM can't make or a problem that the people at SolidCAM can't solve.
jerry Lowe | HAAS
scott has been exceptional in supporting me on technical issues and support
John Sala | JMS Machining
10000 Thumbs up!! I presented Mark with an issue of deburring cross holes in a part and Mark delivered the solution. It was a million times easier with SolidCam than with Mastercam!!! He even did a video on it!!! Thanks Mark!!
Paul Rice | KYOCERA
New Solid Cam user. Scott Neill is excellent! Answers my questions quickly as I learn this incredible software. Scott is very knowledgeable in all his assistance and is a great help. I could not learn at the rate I am without him. Thank you Solid Cam for the great support!
Tom Blough | Wyss Institute
Always exceptional service when calling tech support at SolidCAM.
William Lawson | P I Components Emerson
Scott was able to fix my problem within 10 minutes. very fast and efficent!
Terry Kramer | Kramer Designs Corp
Been using SolidCam for 7 years. Great product, especially because my company is SolidWorks centered. Huge stability strides and improvements with every release during those 7 years, which gives me great comfort that the product is growing and will be there for the long haul. I have over 40years of software engineering background, and have a great feeling about this company.
Jacque Perdue | Boston Scientific Corp
Your support team is better than any I have ever had. Polite, Helpful, will go the extra Mile. Always follows up with and answer. Will spend the extra time to teach me new things. You all are "Hands Down" the best there is.
Seth Land | Custom Automated Machines
Solved my issue and got me back to programing in minutes!
michael priest | revolution prototype
Scott Neill Makes solidCam! He's the best tech support I've ever worked with ! Clone more Scotts
Jeff Kwiatkowski | Horizon Systems Machining
Very pleased with Kevin, Paul and Jestin. They help out on any issues you may have, solidcam is always looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient. Thank you for your service.
Frans van der Merwe | Zivko Aeronautics Inc
The team at SolidCam are friendly and helpfull. No mater how dumb my questions or silly my problems, they are always there to get me on the right track.
Rex Lord | Straight line machine
No description submitted.
Eric Laughlin | BNB TOLL
service is great no problems
Jake Clark | Custom cnc machining
Helped me out with all my questions on inventorcam!
We went from SolidCam 2010 to 2016. I had to call a few times needing help finding and changing certain settings . Great support. I needed to leave a message one time and got the call back in a short amount of time.

Ryan Hilton | Rivercity Manufacturing
Paul with the support team not only knows the ins and outs of solidcam, but is always willing to go above and beyond for the customer!
William Anderson | Lumenium, LLC
We have been using SolidCAM for more than twelve years because the capabilities and support are outstanding. We have some very complex parts (mostly 5 axis) and there is always a straightforward way to generate tools paths quickly that produce excellent tolerances and finishes. The support team is always available and they really know SolidCAM and machining in general -- they are a tremendous resource for us. BTW: Our favorite modules are 2/3D iMachining and HSS. Keep up the good work -- thanks
Ricardo Abad | Abad Corporation
Great support from Jestin!
shannon hodgson | kline oil tools
Every time i call the support line the guys are so helpful and nice and i always feel they di their best for me every time i call in.
thank you guys so much.
Zak Zenz-Olson | Rotation Medical
Always very helpful and willing to do what it takes to answers your questions..
Abbey Philip | Penn State Great Valley
Received Edu Donation of SolidCam a year ago. Did not go to install it until this year and installed on a classroom machine with intention of installing it on 7 other machine. License said it was activated already after 1 install and contacted support to find out the license was a network server license. Since we do not have servers here asked for single users licenses and was told donated software only came in network license. Could not install on lab machine as lab machines are wiped every so often and that would wipe the license server as well if I did that. Had to get a server stood up to administer licenses to 8 machines. Support gave me a link to request a new activation key since the old one was installed once already and that machine was probably wiped at some point. Got the new license and applied it to the new server. Now client can see and be activated.
Troy Mauller | Advanced Precision Cad Cam
Excellent sales , service and technical support , I wouldnt choose any other !
Rich Peoples | Duotech Services
Everything is going well.
Rusty Marschner | Polymer Components
The whole team is always very helpful. Some are more knowledgeable than others, however, they are very quick to get someone who can help if they don't know the answer.
Gerald Schaefer | Wisconsin Engines, LLC
Everyone has been very helpfull. Any time I call I always get a knowledgable tech to talk to
No description submitted.
Sam Snavely | Spectra-Mat Inc.
I changed my spindle speed (max increase) and had a conflict with machine definition. Justin helped me do a quick .vmid edit and I was back in business. I forget where all the controls are and it's great to be able to have a quick GoToMeeting with support to get back on track.
Jon Rosemeier | Wolf Tooth Components
I have not had formal SolidCAM training but I have been using it for approximately 7 years now at two different companies. I'm still learning new things all the time. I probably have some bad habits but I have been able to design many manufacturing processes and create many programs that easily exceeded expectations and has led to our company buying many more machines and continue to build our product line.
Lee Waldrep | Texas Tech University
No description submitted.
Dan Buergel | D&N Prototype
I am really happy with the software, and the customer service of their employees. Eric Middleby has always been incredibly helpful with solidworks and solidcam questions.
Jim Collins | W.H. Leary
Eric was extremely helpful with my issue. Not only did he give me a solution to the issue, he gave me hints and other ways to either avoid the problem or correct it. I have always had nothing but positive results when working with any of the people at SolidCAM. That includes post-processor issues and certainly programming issues!
Ryan Leadbeater | Spark R&D
Came in one morning after a computer update to find SolidCAM was not opening like it should in SolidWorks. Thinking i was going to have to uninstall/reinstall
SolidWorks and SolidCAM and of course having no time to do so i called SolidCAM support first and after a Couple minuets in a GOTO Meeting tech support (Paul Johnson) had me up and running. Fast, and free fix! my favorite.
Matt Wilkinson | Rampage Manufacturing
Solidcam does have a steep learning curve, but everyone at Solidcam have been stellar at providing support to get through the questions. It is a night and day difference between Solidcam and Hsm just on the support side. One thing that i hated about HSM is that every time i called in with a question to the reseller, they made you feel like a moron. I have never once felt that way with Solidcam. The guys are great and have always persisted on figuring out issues with programming.
Michael Haas | Howell Ventures Ltd.
I started 3 years ago into CNC machining with SolidCam, and had a 2 day onsite training with Mark P. within those 2 days I was running programs on a machine, big thanks to Mark and SolidCAM. They're customer service is amazing, and the software is incredibly easy to learn and understand especially if you follow SolidCam University . Greg has been super helpful with our post-processor for Mill/Lathe. Any time I have an issue, I can pickup the phone and talk to a customer service rep within minutes, and they've solved my problems every time. I really like the capability of them login into my computer and show me how it's done. I would recommend SolidCAM to anyone doing serious machining.
Tyler Troesser | Trifecta Aerospace
The iMachining from SolidCAM is very powerful. The control over the feed rates and spindle speed is excellent. It works great in hard metals and exotics. However, it may require a few trials in the metal find your maximum cutting angle. Once this is dialed in, you can really increase your performance, and cut exceptionally well where most CAM Systems will fail. It works also very well in conditions that terrible. The rest of the machining options you have is like most CAM software's. Relatively easy to control and modify selected geometry and not having to create excessive false geometry. The tabbing feature could defiantly be improved. this is the weakest part of the CAM software. It does have a tabbing option, but this is mainly for use in wood. If this was better incorporated into this software, it would be one the most powerful CAM software's out there.
Nick Emenaker | NK Machine Inc.
Every Time I have a problem the Technical group answers in a timely fashion.
James Samaro | Metal-Tek Industries
Software works great. It was easy to transition with the provided videos and included training. The customer service is hands down the best. Whenever I get stuck, a quick email or phone call and a SolidCAM rep gets me back on track in no time. That holds a lot of weight when you are one man shop, with one machine and one computer.
Robert Dalton | Lucky 7 Speed Shop
Jestin is always a great help, i am very new to this world and call quite often, doesn't matter who picks up the phone, all of the techs are always willing to help out.
Duane Cole | Scion Aviation
Great Team! Great Support! Great people!
Scott Paulk | Alexandria Industries
Technical support has never been an issue with Solidcam!
Ken Johnson | 3D Design and Machine
All going good so far.. Not really back to any CAM work as of yet but hope to be in the next month or so. Still finishing rebuilding house and loading programs on computer.
I will be so rusty I will need to start reviewing the Kev classes.
Thanks for all the help and consideration.
Jonathon Jimenez | Nuno Iron
I call customer support a lot due to me being new to Solidcam and i always get the help i need to get me back to making parts.
Nick Miley | Fab associates
Jacob Knopp | ETI
I had a slight hold up with a taper radius keeping me from finishing the design process. One quick call to SolidCam and they talked me through the proper steps to accomplish what I needed drawn. I now had my part completed and learned something new about our software within 10 minutes. Awesome Customer Support!!
Jim ONeill | JWO and Company
I was having a new saving problem / error I never saw before that said it was serious and contact Tech Support. Justin figured it out in a couple minutes. Don't you just love getting updated and finding new problems you never had before.
Brent Bartsch | Fox-1 Drafting & Design
I have nothing but good things to say about both the support and the sales side of this company. Being very new to both solidCAM and machining they are very helpful and more importantly patient with the questions that I have and always spend the necessary time to explain in a way that I can understand
Joe Richardson | Tecfar
Whenever I am in need of assistance, Jestin has been very quick to respond. He is very thorough in his responses, and is patient when teaching. I am quickly feeling comfortable using the software, and greatly appreciate the help he has given me.
James Reedy | LLC
Friendly helpful service. Thank you.
Jordy Wallace | Focus Machining & Design
The support I receive from Jestin in particular as well as all the support staff is phenomenal. You are the only software company I've ever dealt with that always finds a way to do what I need,whether it's by coming up with a work around or just educating me on how to make better use of the program. Support is also always there when I need it, I've never yet had to wait for someone to help. It's the support that has kept me as a customer when I was searching for a new CAM package about a year ago.
Kyle Goraczkowski | Alexandria Industries
I would have to say that whenever I have a question about something I will always get the help I need. one thing that would be nice is if you could rotate or change your Coordinate system without having to reselect the part and just be able to rotate it. we have to do this a lot with switching from one machine to another so it will post out with the right xyz dimensions. so that would be an amazing feature if it could be done.
Joseph Hesser | Oronoko Iron
Great Cam Software and the Best Customer Service Around anytime I've called has been a great experience
Tim Tapert | Integrity Steel
Resolved my current issue as well as a few others
Bob Collins | Tcatdickson
everyone was very helpful, my issue was resolved successfully.
Tim Anger | DMS Inc
Every experience I've had with ya'll has been excellent. Prompt turn around, vast knowledge base, excellent customer service
Carl St-Onge | Blind Apex inc.
Excellent phone support and easy to use software. iMachining is worth every penny!!!
Jason Kangas | Twisted Choppers
Great, fast, help. super knowledgeable about the product
Donald Robison | Superior Energy Services
Paul Johnson was very helpful and knowledgeable about my issue.
Michael Poluksht | Jroberts
you guys are the best
Tim Arndt | North Star Battery
I like the clases very much . very informitive, i like the guest programers too, keeps it all very interesting. thanks for the opertunity to learn.
Zilong Zhou | Canadian Railings Ltd.
No description submitted.
Jordan Stark | Stark
No description submitted.
Rick McAllister | McAllister Machining
Absolutely fantastic support team. Friendly and knowledgeable. Fantastic software. I like how the software is upgraded through customer suggestions
Robert Greiner | MASIMO
Thanks guys for the great support.
Kyle Livingston | Livingston metalworks
Apparently I messed up that last review. Greg was extremely helpful and answered every question I had.
Dean West | Anewco Products
Top rate support, from post processor modifications to technical questions in toolpath
Ronnie Kidder | Precise Machine
SolidCAM is a high quality cam and cad package coupled with the best service experience. All this at good pricing. I am very happy to have made the switch to SolidCAM two years ago. Thanks to the people of SolidCAM!
Nicolai Alexandrov | HYPERLINK
Comme toujours… Facile et rapide, Suite à un crache de SolidWorks j’ai dû procéder à une réinstallation complète, et bien sûr aussi réinstaller SolidCAM, J’ai contacté le service de soutiens technique et le problème a été règle en moins d’une heure, (et ce en comptant le download) De plus on en a profité pour mettre à jour SolidCAM…Rapidement tout est fonctionnel sans que j’ai perdu aucune information… settings, librairies d’outils… tout est la comme avant !!! SERVICE EXCELLENT
Clarence Wilson | Kyocera
I have always found the SolidCAM team to be professional and knowledgeable, going above and beyond expectations to help me with any issues.
Jack Stradling | Sunlit Enterprises
I received an hour of training from Mark in April 19th. It was very productive and helped answer more questions than I knew to ask. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the training when possible.
Phillip Haag | Radical Firearms
Everyone at SolidCAM Technical Support has been AMAZING!! Every time I have any questions or trouble they not only get it solved, they also go above and beyond and offer advice and help to make my experience at the user level easier. Paul, Kevin, Eric, Greg, and Jestin are truly top notch in every way. Not that an end user wants to have to make technical support calls, but when I do have to I actually look forward to talking to them and learning from them. They have made me a better programmer over the last couple years simply by spending and extra minute or two explaining whatever it is that makes my life and job easier. Thanks so much. GREAT TEAM!!!
Daniel Sahhar | Axian Technology
I am brand new to the machining world, and within 3 months I was running programs on a machine, thanks in HUGE part to SolidCAM. They're customer service is second to none, and the software is incredibly easy to learn and understand. In particular, Zac Prater has been incredibly helpful when it comes to post work that I have needed. Any time I have an issue, I can be on the phone with a customer service rep within seconds, and they've solved my problems every time. I would recommend SolidCAM to anyone in the machining industry.
James Sherrill | General Graphene

Could not ask for better support at all!
Justin Mayer | Seigler Reels
Always quick to help and get issues resolved fast
Ben VanDenburgh | WP Manufacturing
Solidcam as a company is exceptional in their customer service and sales teams and I have never received as much attention and support from a CAM software company as Solidcam! The software is beyond exceptional and is so intuitive and everything makes sense that I actually enjoy sitting down and programming a part again and after 20 years that pretty amazing! What you see on the screen is what you get at your machine and I can't say that any other CAM software I have used in the past has been this excellent!
Nicholas Hinrichs | Duke Empirical
No description submitted.
Rick Staton | JTE Machine
I can't say enough about how helpful your support staff is, it's very refreshing to deal with the high quality of customer service that you provide.
I can already tell we made a great choice buying you software.
Jeff Pepp | CTech
Quick, concise service from Kevin Rankl.
Corbin McCall | Maritech Machine
The ability to call and have any programming or post issue resolved immediately makes the world of difference. Service side is top notch.
Randy Miller | DK International Associates Inc.
Love the software! It's so powerful, like trying to tame a wild tiger!! The posts are great! I have vetted 4 other software's before this purchase. The sales, training and tech support are far above the rest when it came to calling in with an issue. I have not had to wait more than 15-30 min. max for a call back. The support line is open for at least 12 hours a day! And when it comes to IMachining in stainless steel, I can blow away the competition, and my tools last 2-3 times longer!!! I hate to tell too many people about SolidCam as I don't want to lose my edge that I have on the competition!! Good Stuff! Can't imagine what they will do with it next as any more improvements are a treat! I now want a new machine to hook this tiger up too!!!
Kevin Ames | South Morgan Technologies
SolidCAM user for about a year and a half. I have no regrets in going with them for our CAM needs. Their technical support is flat out amazing and the software is easy to use. We have seen dramatic gains in tool life and huge reductions in cycle time compared to coding things by hand the hard way. I feel sorry for anyone that uses someone else's CAM system!
Justin Polinski | Conestoga USA Inc.
It was super!!!!!