Ashot Industries Ltd Very Happy After Changing from NX CAM to SolidCAM


Ashot switched from NX CAM to SolidCAM for many reasons, including SolidCAM’s perfect posts for complex 5-Axis Mill-Turn machines, efficiency and ease-of-use as well as the powerful iMachining module. Since they made the change, Ashot has been very happy with their decision.

Ashot Industries Ltd ( is a leading supplier of technologically advanced systems and components for the international Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and other industries. Ashot is an R&D and build-to-spec company in the areas of: 

  • Transmission and gearboxes for Aerospace, Automotive and Defense applications. 

  • Long and short shafts for jet engines. 

  • High lift aircraft systems. 

  • Landing Gear Components. 

  • Tungsten-based products for Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas and Medical. 

Ashot has over 500 employees and more than 50 years of manufacturing experience. Ashot has a U.S. subsidiary (Reliance Gear Corp.) that serves as the regional basis for gear and transmission development for commercial and defense customers. 

Till 2013, the company's engineers used NX software for both their CAD and CAM needs - the company then decided to move to SolidCAM for their CAM needs. The main reasons for introducing SolidCAM to the factory were: 

  • Perfect fit of SolidCAM Posts for complex 5-axis milling and turning multi-spindle and multi-turret CNC machines. 

  • Efficient and easy-to-learn user interface with a very fast learning curve. 

  • iMachining module drastically reduces machining time and dramatically extends the cutting tool life, which is very significant in a large multi-machine factory, where most machining is done in very hard materials. 

Obviously, the change from NX CAM to SolidCAM was not easy for the decision makers in the company, but in retrospect, the decision made in 2013 has proven to be completely justified. Plant managers today are very satisfied with the use and support they receive from SolidCAM. 

Over the years, the plant continues to acquire additional SolidCAM stations, as well as new posts and modules, and SolidCAM continues to accompany Ashot in its technological development with close support.