Succesful seminar in Turkey for Tekyaz, Siemens and Iscar

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...All attendees were amazed by the results with iMachining 3D, including our partners from Siemens and Iscar who admitted they have never seen anything quite like it

Tekyaz, SolidCAM’s resller in Turkey, organized a joint seminar for partners from three sectors: SIEMENS with control units, ISCAR with cutting tools and SolidCAM with CAD/CAM software. The seminar took place at Siemens Eagle Plant and Technology Center (TAC) on 8 March 2014.

For the theoretical part, the seminar presented the latest technological developments and for the practical part, there were live cuttings, demonstrated at the workshops. The seminar was very successful and attracted more than 150 people. All attendees were impressed at the iMachining live cuttings, including our partners’ representatives from Siemens and Iscar. They admitted they have never seen any technology that works like iMachining does.

After the opening speech, Mr. Özkan Dinler from Siemens, made a presentation on Siemens’ control units, with an emphasis on Sinumerik 828D control units.

Next were Mr. Serkan Ekinci and Mr. Cem Yılmaz from ISCAR, who presented the portfolio for cutting tools. It also included technical details for cutting tools used for mold design.
Last but not least, Mr. Onur Elinç From Tekyaz SolidCAM presented the patented and unique technology of iMachining.

After the presentations, the attenddess observed live cuttings at the workshop. Attendees witnessed the amazing savings that can be achieved with the revolutionary iMachining 3D technology. iMachining 3D can save 70% and more in cutting time, when compared to the traditional cutting methods.

During the live cuttings, attendees had a chance to win a Nike sports bag when answering “how fast will iMachining cut?” The winner was the one with the closest answer, which was still far from the actual result. With standard methods, it usually takes more than 30 minutes to cut the part presented, but iMachining 3D completed it with a record time of 5.5 minutes.

All attendees were amazed by iMachining 3D resluts, including our partners from Siemens and Iscar who admitted they have never seen anything quite like it.