[Translate to Vietnamese:] 2.5D Milling

Most Powerful & Easiest-to-Use CAM System for Creating 2.5D CNC Milling Tool Paths

[Translate to Vietnamese:] SolidCAM puts the most powerful 2.5D programming solution at your fingertips, right inside your CAD system. SolidCAM looks, feels and performs like your existing CAD system. In addition to its powerful 2.5D milling Profiling, Pocketing and Drilling operations, SolidCAM's 2.5D module includes:

  • Simplified geometry selection using CAD sketches, auto-feature recognition and advanced chaining functions (Offsetting, Trimming, Extensions) enable changes in geometry without changing the CAD model
  • Working directly on parts, assemblies, and sketch geometry to define your CNC machining operations
  • Rest material machining cuts the remaining material left after a larger tool pass
  • Chamfering, using the same geometry defined in Profile or Pocket operations
  • Thread Milling operation for machining of standard internal and external threads.
  • Special operations for machining side slots with undercuts by a T-slot tool
  • Engraving single line or True Type (double stroke) fonts on flat and wrapped faces using fill areas strategies (Hatch/Contour) and mid-line engraving.
  • 3D Contouring to drive the tool along a 3D curve, cutting the part at different depths
  • Capability to machine geometry wrapped around a rotation axis by transforming linear movement to rotary movement
  • Ability to easily program in 2.5D with the assistance of comprehensive, graphically intensive help functions
[Translate to Vietnamese:] SolidCAM - Info Brochure

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[Translate to Vietnamese:] Automatic Geometry Offsetting to Maintain Tolerances

[Translate to Vietnamese:] SolidCAM's 2.5D allows users to add offsets to Pocket & Slot geometry to maintain tolerances, without defining new geometry.

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Geometry: Automatic Curve Propagation Selected by Tangency & Delta Z

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Creating chain geometries is incredibly powerful with SolidCAM's new Curve Propagation option enabling users to use a combination of Tangent and Delta Z selection functions to create Multi-level Chains.

[Translate to Vietnamese:] AFRM - Automatic Feature Recognition & Machining

[Translate to Vietnamese:] SolidCAM’s Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining (AFRM) automatically defines & machines the following:

  • Pocket Recognition & Machining
  • Chamfer Recognition & Machining
  • Drill Recognition
  • Hole Recognition & Machining
  • SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Feature Recognition & Machining

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Fixture protection

[Translate to Vietnamese:]

Fixture collision in Pocket, Pocket Recognition and Drilling will create a tool path that will work around the fixtures to protect them from the cuting tool.

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Cycle Toolbox

[Translate to Vietnamese:] A very useful and convenient cycle toolbox provides specialized, preset sub-operations for slots, corners, bosses, ruled surfaces, etc.

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When compared to any other CAM system to mill a part, SolidCAM's iMachining wins any benchmark in ease-of-use, programming time, cycle time and tool life.

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