[Translate to Vietnamese:] SolidCAM's Turning Module

Program Your CNC Lathes For Fast & Efficient Turning

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  • SolidCAM provides a comprehensive turning package with powerful toolpaths and techniques for fast and efficient turning.
  • SolidCAM produces advanced rough and finish profile turning, together with support for facinggroovingthreading and drilling.
  • SolidCAM turning supports the widest range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathesmulti-channel configurationssub-spindle turning centers and even the most complicated Mill-Turn machines.

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Advanced Operations Bring Power to All Your Turning Applications

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  • Balanced Roughing: Allows you to use two tools to work simultaneously, or in trailing mode, performing Roughing and Turning of long or large parts.
  • Angled Grooving: Enables you to perform internal or external inclined grooves, at any defined angle.
  • Manual Turning: Gives you the power to perform Turning according to your own geometry, regardless of stock model or target model.
  • 4th-Axis Sim. Turning: Enables you to perform machining of a curved profile using B-axis tilting capabilities of your tool. This operation is useful for machining of undercut areas in a single machining step, and supports External Rough Tools and External Groove Tools.
  • Multi-Turret Synchronization: SolidCAM provides powerful tools to synchronize your Multiple Turret machines. A machining time line, with all operations and simple commands, enables you to align operations that will be synchronized. Afterwards, you can see the result of synchronization in the Machine Simulation.

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Trochoidal Tool Path in Grooving

[Translate to Vietnamese:] Trochoidal movements of round grooving tool in Turning.

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