Planet Software Decides on SolidCAM for their Future

  Customer feedback

Planet Software was a SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks Reseller for many years, and they were always satisfied with the partnership. However, like many other companies in the industry, they realized that the CAM market has turned more and more to complex machining, such as Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type.

Planet Software asked themselves what they would need to do to be successful in the CAM market for the future, so they took their time to check all relevant CAM Systems thoroughly. 

During several visits with SolidCAM, they learned about SolidCAM’s powerful CAM software solutions and met the SolidCAM Staff. Planet Software soon decided that SolidCAM would be the best CAM-System and Partner for their future. 

After signing the reseller-contract with SolidCAM GmbH, Planet Software convinced 5 big and well-known existing customers of theirs, to move from CAMWorks to SolidCAM.

Even though one of the customers didn't currently have Swiss-Type CNCs, the fact that SolidCAM already has a strong Swiss-Type solution in place was a key factor for them to move from CAMWorks to SolidCAM. Now they will be able to evaluate the Swiss market and develop a path for themselves in that direction. 

This is further evidence that SolidCAM are continuing to develop their software for their customers’ needs, both for today and the future. SolidCAM has the best solution for all cutting operations - starting with 2.5D Milling up to Simultaneous 5X, Turning, Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type. 

No other CAM company can offer such a wide spectrum of programming, while also providing the best integration in SOLIDWORKS. SolidCAM is the CAM solution for the future.