SolidCAM presents revolutionary iMachining in action and the World Premiere of SolidCAM 2012 at SolidWorks World 2012, Booth #200!

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...whenever the revolutionary iMachining for SolidCAM is shown, the result is always the same – astonishment!

Wherever and whenever the revolutionary iMachining for SolidCAM is shown, the result is always the same – astonishment! "Seeing is believing", as the newly initiated say they would not have believed the claims of up to 70% savings in machining time and dramatic tool life increase, if they had not just seen iMachining in action for themselves. 

The same holds true for SolidCAM's 2012 release. With its new time saving "Parallel Computing", incredible new graphics and advanced cutting functionality, the obvious challenge for SolidCAM is to get people to understand and believe the advancements by showing, to as many people as possible, SolidCAM 2012 and iMachining in action. SolidCAM meets this challenge head-on with their participation in SolidWorks World 2012, February 12-15th in San Diego, CA, taking the show experience for attendees to an entirely new level.

For 11 years, SolidCAM has participated in SolidWorks World to give highlights of their product innovations and a chance to meet with SolidWorks resellers and users to fully understand exactly what it takes to be the best integrated CAM for SolidWorks. One-on-one meetings, presentations and demonstrations served to inform visitors to the SolidCAM booth of as many aspects of SolidCAM products as possible.

This year, SolidCAM take its participation to an entirely new level with a laser focus on showing actual product programming and part cutting. With the innovative use of video and live presentation, SolidCAM will be showing the live machining of parts to highlight the huge benefits and capabilities of iMachining. Right alongside the cutting, demonstrations of SolidCAM's new release of 2012 will fully show how users can continue working, while tool paths are being calculated, in the background or at other computers on the network, as well as the incredible new graphics that guide the user through every operation. Advances in HSM, automated sim. 5 axis SWARF cutting and expanded Turning Tool Catalog are also featured. Dr. Emil Somekh, Managing Director of SolidCAM commented, “the advancements that we have made in SolidCAM and iMachining are just incredible. If I did not get a chance to see them in action on a daily basis and hear the amazing feedback from our customers, I likely would not have believed how powerful they are. Our greatest challenge now is just getting the opportunity for people to actually experience SolidCAM and iMachining, so they too can be convinced this is for real". Shaun Mymudes, COO of SolidCAM North America, explains, "One of the keys to our growing 50% in North America in the last two years in a row, has been our Live Webinars, where we actually show iMachining in action, cutting parts on a mill. At SolidWorks World 2012, we will bring as much of that as possible to our booth #200. Come by and let us convince you that seeing, truly is believing".