InventorCAM – 受Inventor肯定的整合能力

最好的CAD/CAM整合型軟體,在 Autodesk Inventor 中直接進行高效益的 CNC 程式編程。


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Defiance Machine leverages Inventor + InventorCAM to automate production process

  • “InventorCAM seemed like a natural extension of Inventor to do our CAM. InventorCAM was extremely easy to learn. I was actually generating code the first week, and this is on our five axis CNC machine.”
  • “If I had to export a model from Inventor every time I made a change in it, it would be days to weeks overtime if we wanted to run something new. It would be a disaster that would greatly limit our company’s success.”
  • “The programming time as well as the machining time it saved us, was astonishing. We could finally take advantage of our 60 tool CNC machine and eliminate having to change tools between operations. The difference before and after InventorCAM is like night and day in terms of productivity.”

Glen Harrison, Founder Defiance Machine (formerly Phoenix Machine Technologies)

延續 Inventor 操作介面 !

  • 在您現有的 CAD 裡面運行 : 完全將 InventorCAM 融入 Autodesk Inventor。
  • 完整連結 : 當CAD有設計變更時,CAM路徑將隨之更新。
  • 降低交期壓力 : 節省大量的時間及精力。
  • 快速上手 : 由於沿用大家的熟悉的 Inventor 操作介面有效,縮短學習時間。
  • 完整圖庫匯入 : InventorCAM 可將組合圖輸入並模擬。

InventorCAM 在Inventor 中的主要效益 :

  • 認證 : InventorCAM 是 Autodesk Inventor 2005年認證夥伴。
  • InventorCAM 與您一同成長 : SolidCAM 可以不斷擴充 CNC 種類及相關應用。
  • InventorCAM為您帶來最大收益 : 將Inventor + InventorCAM 整合使軟體更有競爭力。