Asistencia técnica de SolidCAM

SolidCAM se compromete a contar con el mejor equipo de asistencia del sector para ayudarle a familiarizarse con nuestros productos, garantizándole la mejor experiencia de usuario posible.

Nuestros ingenieros de aplicaciones, el equipo de postprocesamiento y el personal del servicio de asistencia son, ante todo, maquinistas y programadores CNC muy experimentados. Hablan su idioma y le mostrarán las mejores formas de sacar el máximo partido a SolidCAM, específicamente para sus máquinas y aplicaciones CNC.

SolidCAM, CAD-CAM Manufacturing Suite (independiente) e InventorCAM se integran perfectamente en SOLIDWORKS o Autodesk Inventor. Para un uso productivo, siga las recomendaciones sobre sistemas operativos y hardware de los proveedores de CAD.

Los clientes están entusiasmados con SolidCAM Support

The SolidCAM crew is the best in the business. Of all the CAM software I have owned, this is far and above all others. The support is top notch. They constantly tell you to "Just call us" if you are stuck, or have a question. Others make you submit a ticket, and they will get back to you. SolidCAM answers the phone !

SolidCAM's seamless integration into Solidworks makes it a very intuitive CAD/CAM system. Coupled with SolidCAM's excellent, and responsive, customer service, this software package is both easy to use and very powerful. The iMachining system in SolidCAM is outstanding and delivers everything that is promised.

SolidCAM so far has been not only the easiest learning curve, but one of the most powerful pieces of CAM software I've used. Could I do all of the same things in other software? Yes, but not as easy and the fact that in under six months I can do more in SolidCAM than anything else, that's saying a lot since I come from some big CAM players like ...