iMachining 3D - Transform Your 3D CNC Machining Capabilities

Proven iMachining Technology Algorithms Advance Even Further for Amazing 3D Milling

iMachining 3D

Amazing 3D Machining

iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, regularly saving 70% in machining time, reaching up to 90% in many cases.

iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions, achieved by the expert knowledge-based Technology Wizard, to rough and rest rough an entire 3D part in a single operation.

iMachining 3D uses sophisticated analysis algorithms to determine the optimal order of its rough and rest rough tool paths. Combined with its unique local machining feature, full-depth Step down, intelligent Step-up and smart positioning, iMachining 3D achieves the shortest possible cycle time for roughing and semi-finishing of molds, complex 3D parts and 3D prismatic parts.

iMachining 3D provides a complete machining solution when combined with other SolidCAM technologies, such as 3D HSM for finishing molds and complex 3D parts or iMachining 2D for finishing 3D prismatic parts.

iMachining 3D is a Must-Have!

  • Quick solid geometry selection and automatic Target model protection
  • Optimized machining of each Z-Step, using proven iMachining 2D technology
  • Deep roughing with the whole flute length, resulting in shorter cycle times and increased tool life
  • Rest material machining in small upward steps, optimized for constant scallop height, further shortens cycle time
  • Intelligent localized machining and optimal ordering eliminates retracts and long position moves, producing the shortest times in the industry
  • A dynamically Updated Stock model and "Cut only the Rest material" mode eliminates all air cutting
  • Tool path automatically adjusts to avoid collisions between the tool holder and Updated Stock model at every stage of the machining process

"iMachining halves cycle times and makes cutters last 5 times longer for mill-turn on Mazak."

"Every day we don't use SolidCAM iMachining we are losing money!"

"iMachining WOW!!!"

"time saved is incredible"

"we're thrilled - it's just incredible"

"The cost savings are very big"

Proven iMachining 2D and Technology Wizard Algorithms for Roughing and Semi-finishing of Molds, Complex 3D Parts and 3D Prismatic Parts