SolidCAM for Operators

Powerful Tools for Your CNC Operators

The CAM and CNC staff of most medium and large-size machine shops work in three main levels:

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CAM Programmers are technologists that determine the strategy for machining a part on the shop floor. Usually well acquainted with CNC technology and capabilities, a CAM Programmer uses SolidCAM to define the machining process, using a variety of machine operations. At each stage, the Programmer can use the SolidCAM simulation capabilities to check the operations, edit specific operations and machining parameters and then produce a G-Code file.

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CNC Operators normally get the G-Code file together with a list of tools, a setup sheet showing the part clamping and locations of work offsets, but do not have direct access to the CAM-System. So by having the SolidCAM for Operators Editor, they have access to the CAM part data, including tool table data and set up, do a simulation and perform a dry run at the CNC. They can also edit basic parameters, like speeds and feeds, using the SolidCAM for Operators Editor.

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For CNC operators with no deeper technical understanding and responsibilities, the Shop Floor Simulator makes it easy to understand the setup, what tools are used and to perform a simulation of all the machining operations before doing the actual machining.

In many machine shops, there is a complete separation between the above responsibilities, i.e. CAM-Programmers and CNC-operators. Often the Operator needs to know the setup, tools used an simulation of the operations. Even if minor changes in the G-Code are necessary, such as changing the cutting conditions or tool offsets, he needs the posibility to do this change. The Operator then needs to turn to the CAM-Programmer for clarification and minor editing, generally leading to delays in the workflow.

This is why we created the SolidCAM for Operators Tools – to streamline the processes at the shop floor level and to empower more experienced CNC operators to understand well the CAM parts data, and if needed quickly edit certain parameters of the machining operations.

A typical CNC machine shop using SolidCAM needs a mumber of SolidCAM seats for the CAM programmers and a number of SolidCAM for Operators Editor / Simulator Seats. The decision wheater to use the SolidCAM for Operators Editor or the SolidCAM for Operators Simulator is made by the shop floor manager, depending wheater he wants to give the CNC operators only the simulation capabilities or additional editing capabilities. See details in the comparison table. 

SolidCAM for Operators Tools – the Benefits

  • Minimize Reliance on 'Dry-Runs': With SolidCAM for Operators, step-through each move in the G-Code program, reducing setup time and the need to 'dry-run' programs on the CNC.
  • Preventing CNC Machine and Tool Damage: Operators see full simulations so they can prevent unexpected crashes or collisions.
  • Working Efficiently: Operators can make minor adjustments, without needing to rely on the CAM Programmer, who is already busy programming the next part.
  • Full Setup Picture: SolidCAM for Operators enables the Operator to see all details of each operation, including Tools, Setup Definition, Stock Clamping, Work Offsets, and full simulation of the process.

Introduction to SolidCAM for Operators

SolidCAM for Operators Introduction

SolidCAM for Operators Introduction

SolidCAM for Operators Presentation

SolidCAM for Operators Presentation

Editor Mode

SolidCAM for Operators Editor enables the CNC machine Operator to open existing CAM parts, created by the SolidCAM Programmers, edit the operations if needed (e.g. change step down or change the tool speeds and feeds), recalculate, simulate, then post-process the new G-code, right by the CNC machine.

Simulator Mode

SolidCAM for Operators Simulator has no CAM part editing capabilities at all. It enables the CNC Operator to see the Tool table list with full details, to understand the clamping, the work offsets, and to see the simulation of the CAM Part, before running the G-Code on the CNC machine.

Feature Comparison – Editor/Editor LT vs. Simulator

View the model, including Fixtures and location of work offsets
View the tool table in full detail
View all machining operations, data and defined geometries
View Cutting conditions for each operation
Fully simulate the machining process
Change the Tool data and cutting conditions  
Calculate operations  
Regenerate G-Code after edits  
Change the operations data    
Change the setup definition    

Empower your CNC-Staff with SolidCAM for Operators