SolidCAM Post-Processors

Well structured. Verified. Trustful.

SolidCAM provides an open-source platform for building Post-Processors. Post-processors are written in SolidCAM's GPPL (an internal language of SolidCAM), edited and debugged within Microsoft Visual Studio Code allowing processing the output for any G-code format or structure for specific NC control unit.

The VMID (Virtual Machine ID) is part of the postprocessor file which defines the kinematic structure of a CNC machine, controller output settings, user-defined and user-oriented G-Code output. With no manual editing needed, the generated G-code can be sent straight to the CNC machine.

Machine Simulation

Tool-path verification and simulation performed inside SolidCAM Machine Simulation is also a part of Post-Processor. Relevant CNC Machine components are assigned to the corresponding kinematic axes on the machine.

You get full Machine Preview experience inside Machine Setup, ToolKit, Jobs, and MCO’s based on machine simulation post-processor data.

MCO Cycles – Delivered

SolidCAM Post-Processors for advanced CNC Milling, Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type machines are delivered with pre-defined MCO’s (Machine Control Operations) that require minimal user input and ensures complete and fast part programming experience of non-toolpath movements of the machine.

Machine Preview acts in accordance with the selected and defined parameters in the MCO dialog.

Dedicated Post-Processor Team

Post-processors are defined by a dedicated development team of post writers, all with a strong background in programming and practical CNC machining. The Post-Processor Team takes care of customizing the G-Code output to the needs and requirements of your specific controller and CNC machine.

Supporting any G-Code format

Demanded by the NC controller language, or by user preference, SolidCAM can output any G-Code format or structure. DMG, INDEX, and Single or Multi-File structures for Multi-Channel CNC machines are fully supported. If the NC control unit has limited memory usage, external separate programs for desired jobs can be generated. Also, the sub-procedural output is supported, which will minimize the G-Code size drastically!

By generating G-Code with parametric feed and spin rate, SolidCAM provides an operator-friendly way to change the cutting data right at the NC control unit.

By having the ability to define any G-Code format, SolidCAM provides limitless possibilities and a future-proven solution for the new generation of CNC machines.