SolidCAM Maker Version

Unleash the potential of SolidCAM's Maker Version, catering to makers, hobbyists, and students. Enjoy accessible CAM solutions for bringing creative projects to life efficiently.

Design. Create. Machine.

The world’s best design tools are available for everyone pursuing their hobbies, personal projects or studies for free or at very low cost. True Making, however, goes well beyond designing your dream project. With the free SolidCAM Maker Version, you can now transfer your designs into manufacturing using SolidCAM, the leading CAM-software used by tens of thousands of industrial customers worldwide.

The SolidCAM Maker Version is for Makers, Hobbyists and Students only – no commercial use. It offers all the functionality of the regular SolidCAM Version, except it has only three built-in post processors:

  • ISO Milling 3X post
  • Mach3 Milling post
  • ISO Turning 2X post

The SolidCAM Maker version can load CAM parts built in SolidCAM Education version. But CAM Parts built in the Maker version cannot be read in SolidCAM's Educational or Industrial versions.

You must have SOLIDWORKS or Inventor already installed - the SolidCAM Maker Version is an Add-In to an existing CAD.

SolidCAM & InventorCAM Maker Versions can be downloaded for free and will be updated in the same way as the latest SolidCAM & InventorCAM versions.