Solid Probe

The Essential Module for Tool Setup & On-the-Spot Measurement

Solid Probe

With probes, the setup of your CNC-parts becomes easier and the can be used to control the quality of machined parts right on the machine. Programming Probe cycles for Home definition and On-Machine Verification has never been easier.

The Solid Probe operations are based on the same geometry as 2.5D milling operations. The user interface provides full control over tolerances, different sorting options and a fast preview of cycle movements.

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  • Easy Home definition
  • On-Machine Verification
  • Tool Presetter support
  • Easy geometry selection on solid model
  • Supports a wide range of probe cycles
  • Visualization of all the Probe tool movements
  • Support of different Probe controllers
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Machining operations and Probe operations can be mixed. They can both use the same CAD geometries. Whenever the solid model is changed, both the machining and probe operations can be automatically synchronized to the change.

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Solid Probe cycles are used for measuring machined surfaces right on the machine, without transferring the part to a CMM machine first – the part can be inspected on the CNC machine itself.

Home Definition

Solid Probe provides an easy solution for home setting, using 16 different cycles, to easily define home positions, replacing manual setup procedures.

Tool Presetter Support

Solid Probe includes Tool Presetter support to check your milling and turning tools, between Machining  operations and tool change events. It also provides tool breakage detection for continuous and safe machining.

Preview of Cycle Movements

Full visualization of all the probe movements, provided by SolidCAM Machine Simulation, enables you to avoid any potential damage to your Probe tool.

Solid Probe is a Must Module for Every Machinist using Probes!