Mold Machining

SolidCAM's Ideal Integrated CAM Solution for Moldmaking

Mold Machining

The main challenges for the competitive Moldmaking industry are surface finish, surface accuracy and short delivery times. SolidCAM combines:

  • Excellent tool path quality/fidelity by working directly on the CAD model
  • Unmatched surface finish, and hard-material cutting performance from optimally controlled cutter to material contact
  • The extreme time-saving benefit of automatic tool path updates for mold changes
  • Error-free G-Code and the elimination of on machine edits, guaranteeing first part success

SolidCAM's Moldmaking strategies are excellent CAM solutions for any factory. In SolidCAM’s latest version, there have been major enhancements in its revolutionary iMachining 3D, HSM and Simultaneous 5-Axis modules, that provide the winning combination for mold and insert machining.

iMachining 3D

for Roughing, Rest Rough & Semi-Finishing of Molds

  • iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions to rough, rest rough and semi-finish a complete 3D part with True Scallop on all slopes, all in a single operation
  • iMachining's tool path is automatically adjusted to avoid collisions between the holder and the updated stock throughout the entire cut
  • The patented Technology Wizard of iMachining automatically provides optimal cutting conditions based upon machine, tool and material properties
  • iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, regularly reaching 70-90% savings in machining time when compared to other CAM program tool paths

HSM - High Speed Machining

for 3D Finish of Molds & Inserts

  • SolidCAM's HSM module provides the best 3D FINISH tool path for any mold or insert, resulting in an efficient and smooth tool path for the best surface quality
  • HSM avoids sharp angles in the tool path to maximize tool/material contact, optimizes non-machining moves to reduce air cutting and generates smooth and tangential lead in/out
  • SolidCAM's HSM module minimizes tool retracts to high Z levels. Retracts do not go any higher than necessary, are angled when possible and smoothed by arcs to minimize air cutting and reduce machining time

Simultaneous 5-Axis Module for Molds

  • Benefit from SolidCAM’s Simultaneous 5-Axis module, the most tested and proven 5-Axis CNC milling tool path in the industry.
  • With a very friendly user-interface, SolidCAM's Sim. 5x provides the most advanced control over all aspects of tool path and collision checking
  • The multi-axis drill Contour 5-Axis and Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis strategies are very useful for mold makers
  • Use Countour 5-Axis, to make the tool follow the selected 3D curve, staying parallel to predefined tilting lines - useful for Chamfering and Pencil Machining of complex contours with undercuts
  • With the growing popularity of Sim. 5x machines in mold shops, our Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis strategy enables conversion of 3D HSM tool path to full 5x simultaneous tool paths. Better surface quality is achieved by using different tool tilting strategies and shorter tools

SolidCAM's Integrated Solution + iMachining = the Ideal CAM Solution for Moldmaking