An elevated partnership with DMG MORI, a leading global manufacturer of high-precision machine tools

SolidCAM, is excited to announce an elevated partnership with DMG MORI, a leading global manufacturer of high-precision machine tools.

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This enhanced collaboration marks SolidCAM's inclusion in the DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Products) Program, specifically targeting the medical sector to provide increased value to customers. 

This partnership builds on the longstanding relationship between SolidCAM and DMG MORI, bringing together their combined expertise to offer a technological edge to customers in the medical industry. Through this collaboration, customers will benefit from integrated solutions that promise not only to advance their manufacturing capabilities but also to do so with cost efficiency. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Michael Leditzky, COO of SolidCAM Global, said:  Our participation in the DMQP program is a significant milestone that underscores our commitment to advancing manufacturing technology. SolidCAM's contribution is to enhance the capabilities of DMG MORI machines with our advanced toolpath solutions, ensuring that our joint customers can take advantage of maximum efficiency. We are initially focusing on the EMEA region and aim to expand this collaboration globally to demonstrate our commitment to driving performance and value across the industry." 

In addition to the technological benefits offered by the combination of SolidCAM and DMG MORI machines, customers can not only expands their manufacturing capabilities through advanced toolpath solutions, but also provides a cost-effective entry into top manufacturing technology, increasing both the efficiency and economic value of their investment.

"At SolidCAM, we are at the forefront of CAM technology, seamlessly combining unrivaled ease of use with a comprehensive range of CNC capabilities, from milling to the complex requirements of mill-turn and Swiss machines. Our constant pursuit of innovation, coupled with a close relationship with our customers, allows us to quickly adapt to evolving market needs and meet them with solutions," says Dr. Emil Somekh, CEO of SolidCAM.  

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