Edwards Lifesciences Decides to Replace Esprit with SolidCAM

Edwards Lifesciences is a global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring. Edwards Lifesciences was working with Esprit software for CAM and SOLIDWORKS for CAD. When Robert Greiner, who has used the SolidCAM software at a previous customer, joined Edwards Lifesciences in May 2022, he recommended them to switch from Esprit to the better software SolidCAM.

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Dan Roberts and Greg Payton from SolidCAM US held online and on-site demonstrations and met Edwards Lifesciences team members at trade shows. However, the approval process took time due to numerous management changes within Edwards.

Knowing that Edwards Lifesciences saw the value in SolidCAM's integration with SOLIDWORKS, its ability to reduce programming time, its best support for multi-channel Mill-Turn & Swiss CNCs, and the company's dissatisfaction with Esprit, Dan Roberts and the SolidCAM team persisted. They maintained relationships with the right people and kept in touch.

When Greg went to Edwards with Dr. Emil Somekh, CEO of SolidCAM, Eric Kachadooria of Edwards Lifesciences expressed his satisfaction that Emil would take the time to visit. The timing and content of that visit made all the difference, and Edwards decided on four seats of 5-Axis Milling, 2-Axis Turning, Mill-Turn, Swiss-Type, and more to replace Esprit.

SolidCAM's persistence, commitment to relationship-building, and ability to navigate complex management structures made this purchase possible. It's a significant win for SolidCAM and showcases SolidCAM's ability to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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