From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Success: A Remarkable Journey with SolidCAM

Shenzen City Dow Precision Technology is a prominent SolidCAM customer in South China. A few years ago, the founder, Tao Yu Long, embarked on his journey, armed with only two 3X CNC machines and the game changing SolidCAM software.

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Determined to carve his path to success, he set out to transform his modest CNC machine shop into a thriving enterprise.

Tao Yu Long steered his business towards unprecedented growth through dedication and unwavering commitment. Today, his CNC machine arsenal includes six Tsugami Swiss CNCs, two Star Swiss CNCs, and many other 3X and Sim5X CNCs.

By best harnessing the extraordinary capabilities of SolidCAM's modules for CAM programming, he has elevated his precision manufacturing to unparalleled heights. The SolidCAM innovative Multi-Channel Mill-Turn and Swiss CNC modules, have empowered him to manufacture intricate and specialized components with remarkable precision.

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