SolidCAM Meets with Citizen GmbH at METAV 2022

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SolidCAM met with Citizen GmbH Sales Manager Europe, Alden Trabelsi and Technical Manager, Jurgen Schad at the Citizen booth, at the METAV 2022 Exhibition, in Dusseldorf, Germany, to discuss our close partnership in Germany and Europe.

SolidCAM GmbH has developed a close long-term relationship with Citizen GmbH in Germany in 2021 and 2022, including joint events together at the SolidCAM GmbH Technology center.

SolidCAM GmbH will have the latest model Citizen L20 ATC in their booth, at the AMB Exhibition, in Stuttgart, Germany, in September. Afterwards, the Citizen L20 ATC will be housed at the SolidCAM GmbH Schramberg Technology Center.

Every Citizen customer using SolidCAM's amazing Swiss CAM solution will have the best software, postprocessor, and technical support – making them a happy, productive, and satisfied joint Citizen and SolidCAM customer!

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