SolidCAM Works with SolidCAM Customer to Develop Citizen M32-4M8 Post-Processor

Daniel Djurica, SolidCAM’s VP Technical & Post-processor support, visited SolidCAM Japanese customer Horie Seisakusho to work on developing the Citizen M32-4M8 Swiss CNC postprocessor, and to successfully do prove-outs on two parts.

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Officially Post-Processor for Citizen M32-4M8 is now finalized and ready for customer use.

Daniel was joined by Kato San, technical manager at SolidCAM Japan Reseller Tactx, and Kihara San, SolidCAM Japan technical manager.

Daniel then visited the Tokyo office of our Japan reseller Tactx, to provide Training on Citizen M32, hold technical discussions on SolidCAM, and provide info on what’s new in SolidCAM2023. Both Tactx engineers and sales staff participated in these meetings.

SolidCAM today offers the absolute best CAM solution for Citizen Swiss CNCs, providing all needed post processors and cooperating with Citizen branches and resellers worldwide.

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