Major SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM Reseller Success in CAM, based on amazing SolidCAM Product & Excellent Support

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SolidWorld, a major successful SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM reseller in Slovenia, has been working with SolidCAM since they received the Gold Partner status from SOLIDWORKS, 19 years ago.

Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, SolidWorld has an advanced Mill-Turn CNC machine to demonstrate SolidCAM's impressive Mill-Turn capabilities. They also have a special dept to handle 3D Printing systems.

SolidWorld has more than 500 SolidCAM customers and is representative of all major SOLIDWORKS resellers worldwide that sell SolidCAM to provide their customers with a complete integrated CAD/CAM solution.

Their success in CAM is based on having an excellent SolidCAM product and an experienced SolidCAM team that provides excellent technical and post-processor support – this is the common characteristic of successful SOLIDWORKS resellers selling SolidCAM.

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