SolidCAM Outperforms CAMWorks in Tool and Die Company's Upgrade Decision

A large, family-owned Tool & Die company, based in North Mississippi, recently contacted SolidCAM to see a software demonstration. They have been using SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks since 2001 but were exploring an alternative CAM package that would be a better, faster, and more powerful solution.

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After initial discussions with their CAM programmer, SolidCAM Account Manager Chay Swift arranged demos to showcase the immense capabilities of SolidCAM's seamless integration in SolidWorks and full associativity. The client was amazed by the advanced features and performance of SolidCAM, which perfectly aligned with their requirements.

As a result of the successful demos, the Tool & Die company decided to make their first purchase: two seats of SolidCAM 3-Axis Pro, with iMachining and 4X capabilities. Looking ahead, the company plans to explore additional SolidCAM features and functionalities soon. They are considering acquiring 5X Mill-Turn capabilities, a Wire EDM seat, and additional new CNC machines. SolidCAM has already conducted a successful demo for their 5X Mill-Turn CNC.

By replacing CAMWorks with SolidCAM, the Tool & Die company will greatly enhance their processes with a comprehensive CAM package that offers 2D/3D milling, 2D/3D iMachining and Sim5x milling capabilities. SolidCAM is confident its CAM software solution will fully support the company’s high-speed machining needs, while providing best post-processors for their HAAS VF-2/VF-4 machines and Doosan DMN500 vertical mill.

SolidCAM is thrilled to have won this significant opportunity against CAMWorks, as it validates SolidCAM's unmatched performance and powerful value proposition.

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