SolidWorld Slovenia Sets Up a Desktop Metal Shop System

SolidCAM reseller, SolidWorld Slovenia, has set up a Desktop Metal 3D Printing Shop system™, in close cooperation with SolidCAM Additive GmbH.

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The Desktop Metal Shop System, installed at SolidWorld premises, will be used for promotion, testing, and services of limited batch production. The Metal Binder Jet technology (MBJ) is suitable for 3D printing small and medium-sized batches of products, with complex 3D shapes.

Designed with the CNC machine shop in mind, the Desktop Metal Shop System seamlessly fits into the machine shop’s workflow. It enables the manufacturing of parts with superior surface finish and resolution, versus laser-based 3D printing systems, at a fraction of the cost.

The DM Shop System introduces high-quality binder jetting to the important market of CNC machine shops. Machine shops can now cost-effectively 3D print end-use metal parts, with unparalleled speed and productivity.

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