Great iMachining win against Competitor CAM - drastically reduced the machining time.

...the father who founded the business, 83-year old and still active, said "He who does not buy iMachining is mad!"


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Subject: Great iMachining win against Competitor CAM

Hello everyone,

Shitrit-Haim Machining is doing Precision machining of Aerospace parts for 30 years

It is a family plant with father and four sons who run the business and have vast experience in aerospace

They purchased a Competitor CAM about 10 years ago.

They heard about us in the last technology exhibition, made contact with me and the plant manager Avi Shitrit gave me a challenge: Machining a big aluminum fixture for aerospace parts.

We arrived on Wednesday morning to the factory with Eli and Evgeny in order to program and machine the fixture.

In the first working session we already created a very good chemistry with them, and I planned to show them only the capabilities iMachining

But Avi, the CEO, insisted on machining the entire fixture with all its processing, and also wanted s to make the programming with one of the brothers so that they understand if SolidCAM is easier to use and more powerful than their current Competitor CAM.

Evgeny was responsible for making the fixture part programming.

At the same time we discovered they had to machine a huge beam for Boeing 787. A programmer, who used the Competitor CAM, had done wrong programming, was not available and they were very pressed to finish the job.

Eli made the Beam Part in SolidCAM - not an easy task since there were no precise data about the location of the beam in the machine,

Due to the implementation of these two tasks simultaneously, we decided to stay overnight in the area and come back the next day to continue the work.

In the fixture part programmed by Evgeny with iMachining, we were able to drastically reduce the machining time..- they were shocked to see the speed of the machining.

The father who founded the business, 83-year old and still active, said "He who does not buy iMachining is mad!"

In the second beam part programmed by Eli, HSS did a splendid job.

After these two days I met Avi, the CEO, to summarize..

He was very impressed with SolidCAM's ease of operation and of course of the iMachining module.

We closed the deal where they bought a full SolidCAM system with iMachining.

While running the two parts, a SolidCAM client Sparket, who bought SolidCAM 1 year ago, came in. I invited him to see the cut.

He was very impressed with iMachining, and will send me the following week a large alumimum part to check cycle time in iMachining- I already talked to him about purchasing the iMachining module soon.

Finally thanks to Evgeny and Eli, on the excellent work, in not so simple conditions.

Success in this case is a combination of an excellent SolidCAM iMachining module with our professional people, at a customer who was a long-time Competitor CAM user.


Zvika Friedman

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