iMachining at Hermle HQ at Gosheim, Germany

....They were really amazed about the smooth tool path and the cutting speed.


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Subject: iMachining at Hermle HQ
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 15:01:51 +0100
From: Rainer Herbstreuter <>
To: 'Emil Somekh' <>

Hello Emil,

For today we were invited from Hermle to show iMachining on their CNC machines at their HQ at Gosheim (<link http: _blank>

We started with a powerpoint presentation to explain the theory behind iMachining.

I explained to them how iMachining supports the user to find very easily the best cutting conditions.

I showed how easy it is to define an iMachining job and to get the best tool path.

I started to program the part that we want to cut later - not complete just to demonstrate.

The g-code for this part I created one day before in our SolidCAM technology center and I made also a test cut on our Hermle machine to be sure that everything is working well on their machine.

Then we went out to the machine shop and pushed the button.

We cut Toolox (prehardened material with 45HRC) with tool diameter 12 and diameter 6.

The cutting needed only 7 minutes because we cut really fast.

Dia 12 9000 Rpm and 8500mm/min.
Dia 6 14000Prm and 7400mm/min.

They were really amazed about the smooth tool path and the cutting speed.

After this Mr Ritter, the chief of application department, invited us immediately to the next Hermle Open House in April 2012.

They want to cut a part with iMachining and compare it to the same part done with standard tools ( flycutter) and conventional tool path.

The marketing department took a movie from the cut and I will send it after I receive it from them.

Attached a picture from the part. Size is 200 by 100mm cutting depth 20 ( dia 12) and 15mm (dia 6).

Bei Fragen stehe ich jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.
Mit besten Grüßen

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