Successful cutting trial at Ducom on Magnesium Grade AZ31B-H24 - iMachining saves 65% in Machining time

..customer was using another CAM system & desperately looking for reduction in machining time with safe toolpath

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Subject: Successful cutting trial on Magnesium Grade AZ31B-H24 - iMachining once again saves 65% in Machining time

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 18:22:08 +0530
From: Arunkumar.C.V. <>

To: Emil Somekh <link>

Dear Dr. Emil,

First iMachining trial on Magnesium- Grade AZ31B-H24 (Fire Sensitive Material) was successfully completed at Bangalore, INDIA at customer DUCOM.

Excellent results: 65% Time savings proved on a 3 Yrs old HAAS VF1 at just iMachining Level 2. More savings expected at Level 4.

Prospect Need: Customer was using another CAM system & desperately looking for reduction in machining time with Safe Toolpath.

Challenges Met: Machined a sensitive material like magnesium for the first time with a thin wall of about 1.4mm thickness for about 22.67 mm depth.

Job: Satellite Panel

Material: Magnesium Grade AZ31B-H24.

Cutter used: Dia 10, 3 Flute, 30 Deg Helix, 25 mm Deep Machining.
Dia 8, 4 flute, 30 Deg Helix, 22 MM Deep Machining.

Total Cutting time in iMachining: 170 mins Vs current Time of 480 mins.

Complete Job programmed & machined by – Ashok our Product manager at Bangalore team

Additional Challenge: After preparation the previous day when we went the next day morning the customer changed the job due to production constraints, Ashok changed the whole job by the time the discussions with the technical director was completed within 45 mins – Proving ease of use & speed of programming in iMachining.

Members of production team were excited with the results & immediately took us to the Top management for discussions.

Discussion & Demo with the Technical Director & MD of the organization was scheduled & completed. Decision to purchase will be taken soon.

With Best Regards

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