Unimet d.o.o.: "Almost every part here was produced with iMachining!"

… The biggest satisfaction was to see how cutting time was reduced by 63% when using iMachining for large parts...

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<link www.unimet.rs/>Unimet d.o.o.</link>  first started as an independent workshop founded in 1980. At the time, the company used six universal machines installed in the company’s facility which covered 100m2. The production program was based on providing machining services to the domestic market. In 1984 Unimet decided to upgrade and invested in their first CNC machine.

Since then, the company has expanded widely and today Unimet has five production facilities covering 6500m2, with more than 50 CNC machines, the same number of universal machines and over 230 employees.

The company provides its customers with CNC turned and machined parts, sheet metal parts, assembling and testing of parts and instruments. They machine mainly aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, plastics and super alloys such as inconel, hastelloy or titanium. Unimet supplies services to the industries of <link solidcam.app.box.com/s/f7v22qtaymwkb30y310z39jc79e85pvx _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">automotive</link>, aerospace, medicine and more.

The company’s production facility consists of world known machine brands such as Tsugami, Quaser, OKK, Hermle, Dahlih, Feeler, Daewoo, Mori Seiki, Takisawa, Okuma, and Hyundai. Most machines are controlled with the Fanuc control system.

In the past years, the demand for parts with complex geometries and large series increased and Unimet had to search for a CAM solution that will be used to automate production and to significantly reduce their programming time.

Srdjan Amidzic and Aleksandar Cvokic from Unimet are mechanical engineers and have been working there for more than 15 years. Both shared with us their experience with SolidCAM:

“We decided to acquire the first seat of SolidCAM at the beginning of 2010. The main benefit that convinced us to try out this CAM solution, was its unmatched toolpath quality for milling machines. Also, SolidCAM’s seamless integration in SolidWorks, which provides excellent CAD integration and associativity, contributed to our decision.”  

“Since we have a solid partnership with SolidCAM’s local reseller <link www.solfins.com _blank external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">Solfins d.o.o.</link>, we consulted with them and following their recommendation, we decided to acquire SolidCAM. Today, following the evolving needs of the company, we have 6 SolidCAM seats.”

Unimet has been SolidCAM’s customer for 8 years, and they are one of the first <link 126 - internal-link "Opens internal link in current window">iMachining</link> customers in the Serbian market. After watching the patented iMachining and how its tool path increases the cutting speed and devours hard material, even with the smallest cutting tools, and how it can also increase tool life dramatically, Unimet realized the potential it has for machining their parts and decided to add the power of iMachining’s technology to their factory.

Srdjan Amidzic stated that he is always very impressed with the technology of iMachining and the time savings it provides in machining time. He also said that iMachining is the most used module in their workshop

Aleksandar Cvokic: “Almost every part in our production consists of geometry which was machined using iMachining… The biggest satisfaction was to see how cutting time was reduced by 63% compared to conventional machining, when using iMachining for large parts.”  

Due to a wide range of cutting materials and complexity of parts, Unimet had to use advanced CNC technology with a goal of finishing a part with minimal cycle time in a single setup.  Therefore Multi Turret with Multi Spindle and Multi Channel machines became the common machines in their facilities. The most prominent Mill-Turn centers in Unimet’s facilities are Nakamura NTY3 (3 Channels), Takisawa TMM250M1 (2 Channels), Doosan Puma, Okuma LB, etc.

Programming and controlling manually these machines can be difficult, even impossible when it comes to parts with complex geometry, so Unimet turned to SolidCAM for a solution. SolidCAM’s Support Team together with Solfins technical team headed by Bojan Jankovic and Sasa Simonovic provided a solution for these complex machines by developing Post-Processor and Machine Simulation in SolidCAM 2016 for Takisawa TMM250M1 (controlled with Fanuc control unit system). 


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