SolidCAM Integrated CIMCO Edit

CIMCO Edit Professional is the most popular CNC program editor, proven in tens of thousands of CNC shops worldwide.

It is easy-to-use and includes powerful features like Compare, NC-Assistant, Backplotter, and Solid Simulation, with all the essential features needed for modern NC program editing.

SolidCAM automatically exports G-Code, Tools, Fixtures, Target and Stock into a Backplot Window of CIMCO Edit, enabling you to perform NC Tool-Path verification and Solid simulation.

SolidCAM Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type Solutions enjoy the Multi-Channel view inside CIMCO Edit, where Channels are split into separate windows and wait-codes are synchronized and highlighted.

CIMCO Edit Features

Essential Editing Tools

Comprehensive set of editing tools including line numbering, renumbering, character handling, XYZ range finder, tool compensation, basic math functions, and more.


Point at any M or G code and the NC-Assistant will identify the code and allow you to modify its values using an interactive interface linked to the CNC code. Input the desired values and the code is updated automatically.

Side-by-Side File Compare

The file compare identifies new, changed and deleted lines, but ignores trivial format changes such as block renumbering and spacing. Differences are displayed one line at a time, all at once or printed side-by-side for offline review.

Backplot & Solid Simulation

Simulate your NC programs in 3D with the 3,4,5 axis milling, turning and mill-turn C+Y axis backplotter. GPU-accelerated high-quality simulation of stock material removal, gouge detection and more.

Transfers To & From Machine

Manage program transfers to and from machines with reliable and configurable DNC RS-232 and FTP communications support.

Cycles & Macros

Quickly insert and edit cycles and operations or record your own for the operations most common to your setup. Includes built-in cycles and macros for program start, stop, tool change, and many more.